3 September 2010

Anthony Braxton & Roscoe Mitchell - Live in Pisa '78

In the comments at the previous post (the blindfold test) the names
of A.Braxton and R.Mitchell are often recurred, so here is one of their
rare live duo performance.
You can find the "Duets Album" here.
The picture above is, obviously, from a more recent concert (Rome 2006).

Rec. live at "Giardini Scotto", Pisa, Italy, on July 12,
1978 (mics recording)

Anthony Braxton,reeds
Roscoe Mitchell,reeds,piccolo

1. Comp 40Q (10:10)
2. Unknown (20:26)
3. Unknown (09:35)
4. Unknown (07:09)
5. Unknown (05:58)

Total Time 53:19


riccardo said...
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fotoworks said...

Many thanks, great post.
Viva Braxton!!!

alec said...

Riccardo, thanks again! I have thoroughly enjoyed all of your recordings from this era!

wightdj said...

Thanks. I was present at The Kitchen the previous year when these two were joined by Jarman for 2 nights-- 27 reed instruments and flutes between them. Great Black Music, indeed.

trane said...

Fantastic, thanks!

Arcturus said...

as ever in yr debt, riccardo - thanks!

upkerry14 said...

do you mind if I post some of your offerings on DIME? BIll

riccardo said...

@ upkerry14

no problem Bill

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Thank for your re-up.
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Do you know something about that?
Thank you same, anywhere.

Bests Riccardo B.

kinabalu said...

Strenge. I tested the link and it worked fine. Please try again.

_PoP_ said...

Er.... where's the linka???

kinabalu said...

The linka is up abova -
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