29 August 2010

A Blindfold Test

The question is : who are the three musicians (alto sax-bass/cello-

Probably you don't have many chances of answering the question but,
certainly, will be able to give a more objective judgment about the music.


riccardo said...

mp3 (124 MB) :



wightdj said...

On the first track, it's not an alto sax, it is a sopranino sax.

riccardo said...

@ wightdj

right observation, but it's a soprano.

wightdj said...

Sounds like a sax player who.'s been influenced by some of Evan Parker's work. I'm still listening...

freebones said...

there were lots of bassists/cellist. ron carter and dave holland come to mind, but i haven't gotten to listen just yet.

matt w said...

The drummer definitely sounds like Sunny Murray to me, and the cello sounds electrified. I'm going to guess Sunny Murray/David Eyges/Byard Lancaster. (I cheated by looking up which groups Murray had played in with cello.)

matt w said...

Listening to it some more, I'm not so sure about the Sunny Murray thing, but the saxophonist definitely sounds like a player with a jazz background to me. Eh, I'll stick with my guess (especially because the cello did sound a little familiar to me, and Eyges might work for that).

Anonymous said...

sounded as Julius Hemphill, Abdul Wadud on cello and a certain great drummer (Don Moye, for example ?).

americans nor european players

Anonymous said...

I say it's Anthony Braxton.
So probably Dave Holland on cello/bass.
For the drummer I have no idea.

Thanks for this fantastic (best working) blog!

wightdj said...

I'm still puzzled. It didn't feel like Byard; the phrasing of a few of the heads shows a Braxton influence that I wouldn't expect with Byard. Sunny Murray might be right, there were some vocal cries that seem familiar.

fusionero said...

i have not listened yet but ht eline up sound like some rob brown, william parker, hamid drake stuff or braxton, holland,altschul, but well i don´t want to be a fool and i will make my serious guess afeter listenning which i don't know when i'll be able to do, hopefully soon
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matt w said...

wightdj -- I was just naming Byard because he'd played with Murray and Eyges, and it didn't sound totally implausible to me. At least he plays alto and soprano. But I haven't really heard enough of him to have a real sense.

Fusionero's comment made me think of Fred Lonberg-Holm but it doesn't really sound like him to me -- I'd expect him to use more bowing and distortion, at least. And I'd expect Drake to break out the hand drums at least sometime during the set. I don't know, I'm really going on how much the drummer uses his cymbals, that's what stood out for me.

Anonymous said...

I have listened carefully to these recordings and must say that the playing is very good, although I would not identify them with anyone I know; I do not think the drummer is M, as this is not the way he "swings"; the soprano player has listened to Braxton and Parker, but I do not think he is either at all. Lol Coxhill comes to mind at moments, but only at times. i agree that the cellist does sound like L-H without his toys. Would love to know what the answers are! Lovely blog.

altissimo said...

sounds more like a sopranino than a soprano - there can't be too many sopranino players out there... Joseph Jarman? Braxton? Roscoe? maybe Philip Wilson on drums and Fred Hopkins on amplified cello?? they're playing to a fairly large audience possibly outdoors, so maybe at a european festival?

mpaul1313 said...

Not easy listening. My guess is Anthony Braxton Charlie Haden Beaver Harris

Kameron said...

Zorn and Erik Friedlander?

Anonymous said...

The tone and playing of the first track sounds just like some Abdul Wadud I have heard. The same for Philip Wilson on drums. Altissimo might be in the right direction (AACM), but something about the saxophone player sounds more influenced by a European improv style. Nice idea, Riccardo, hopefully the .flac files will turn up at the conclusion.

wightdj said...

Well, whoever it is I am enjoying this concert. There is distortion to the sax sound, but something very familiar about it. How about Oliver Lake? Could be Cyrille on drums, the bassist is superb, but did Reggie Workman ever play cello?

Igor said...

Intriguing task, Riccardo. Congrats.
My best guess will be Roscoe Mitchell or maybe Anthony Braxton. Cello player is a great mystery to me. He is possible classically trained, with exceptional technique and anticipation. The true monster.
Abdul Wadud?
Byard Lancaster or Julius Hemphill will be the wrong guess here, I think.

riccardo said...

I'm glad for having created a certain interest for three, probably, little known musicians (the page has been opened more than 500 times up to now).
And here's the answer :

(mp3 1MB)

flac files to follow

Igor said...

Ahhh, blindfolded indeed!
At first I thought of Kaoru Abe, but quickly gave up because of the soprano.
Although I would not hit anyone playing here should have trusted my instinct that this was a Japanese affair.

riccardo said...

Free Music Trio - Live in Moers '79

Rec. live at the 8th Moers Jazz Festival, Moers, Germany,
on Saturday, June 2, 1979 (mics recording)

Yoshiaki Fujikawa,alto & soprano sax
Keiki Midorikawa,bass & cello
Yoshisaburo Toyozumi,drums & percussion

1. Intro by Burkhard Hennen (0:32)
2. Track #1 (11:45)
3. Track #2 (12:36)
4. Track #3 (14:47)
5. Track #4 (09:36)
6. track #5 [1st encore] (03:41)
7. Track #6 [2nd encore] (03:00)

Total Time 55:59

flac (350 MB):




NickS said...

BFT is a great idea. Thanks.

Neat picture.

riccardo said...

more Keiki Midorikawa here

matt w said...

Very nice! I don't feel too bad about getting it so wrong, because I've never actually heard any of those players, but this is a great introduction to some interesting musicians.

wightdj said...

@ Igor, Kaoru Abe did record on sopranino and I considered him too, but this recording lacked his extremes.

Anthony Dolphin said...

I thought it was the incomparable Sabu Toyozumi on drums. See the great man in action here: http://www.youtube.com/santasprees#p/u/1/9vjRwrfVM78

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