22 August 2010

Ornette Coleman Quartet - Live in Genoa '10

The best concert i've listened (till now) this summer.

Rec. live at "Arena del Mare", Genoa, Italy, on July 21, 2010
(mics recording)

Ornette Coleman,alto sax,trumpet,violin
Tony Falanga,double bass
Al MacDowell,electric bass
Denardo Coleman,drums

01. Tone Dialing (07:40)
02. Song World (08:19)
03. Jordan (07:24)
04. 9/11 (05:21)
05. Call To Duty (05:33)
06. Turnaround (06:22)
07. Blues Connotation (06:20)
08. Bach Prelude (05:31)
09. Peace (06:01)
10. Taking The Cure (04:22)
11. Sleep Talking (07:03)
12. The Sphinx (04:15)
13. Theme From A Symphony [Variation A] (05:45)
14. Song X (03:26)
15. Lonely Woman [encore] (04:36)

Total Time 1:28:04


riccardo said...

mp3 (198 MB) :



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riccardo said...

a couple of videos :



Brakhage said...

Hey, terrific, thank you!

LYM said...

Hi Riccardo and everyone here!
I don't agree with Your brief considerationa about this concert. I've been there too and it seemed to me really embarassing. Ornette has almost totally lost articulation and his blowing is so faint. Really better than this one has been, to my personal opinion, the Brass Bang! concert two days after at the same location. Anyway a great thanks to Riccardo for his invaluable work and astonishing generosity.


riccardo said...

Dear LYM,

we've lost a chance for a personal meeting!

Stated that i don't have seen the Brass Bang! concert,i think yours is a very personal (and respectable) opinion : all the people with whom i've spoken after the concert, or that have written about (Alberto Bazzurro, Giampiero Cane, etc), agree in judging this a "great concert".
Nonetheless i've found stimulating your review on JazzItalia.

thanks for the kind words.

ilariorozen said...

hi mr. ric
very great, many thanks

Anonymous said...

There appears to be a guitarist on this recording ? Who is it.

riccardo said...

@ anonymous

Al MacDowell,electric bass

Everything One Does said...

Yea man! I've been listening to this as well as that concert from 08' with the same band plus Joe Lovano on a couple tracks. A really incredible group sound. Even rivals the original quartet. Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one. I have been listening to it everyday since. cheers.

Dick Bowman said...

I think the concert shows the dilemma we often face with this music - that we treasure energy and innovation while needing to find some way to recognise past achievements. Certainly my thoughts as I listened to it were along the lines of how great some of the concerts were twenty or so years before - Coleman does seem to have lost a lot of vitality (at least here). I'm reminded of Milford Graves "lectures" where he talks of the vigour of youth being replaced by depth of experience. But age carries its penalties...

And I do think the "what a friend we have in jesus" quotes are a bit over-repeated.

dee es said...

Thanks for this, Riccardo. I pulled out the only other live recording I have of Ornette Coleman (the Town Hall concert of '62) for comparison. Maybe some of the alto playing is less vigorous and precise than it once was, but I think the violin works better here than any other recording I've heard. Sounds like a great concert to me.

Just wondering, Ornette isn't playing violin and horn at the same time, is he? And Al MacDowell isn't playing electric bass and guitar at the same time is he? There seems to be a lot going on in some of these pieces. Perhaps they were invoking the ghost of R.R. Kirk?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. I missed seeing them this year for the first time in years when they were in Europe. I love their playing and Ornette is such a gentleman. Looking forward to hearing this. Nick

matt w said...

Thanks a lot for this. dee ess, I saw the same band a year or two ago, and Macdowell's bass often sounded like a guitar while Falanga alternated between some high bowing and some heavy snapping. So what sounds like violin playing along with sax could be Falanga, and so could what sounds like electric bass playing along with guitar. (Though I'm just starting to listen to this.)

Josh Campbell said...

Can we get a re-up?