20 August 2010

Abdullah Ibrahim Tentet - Live in Turin '74

For all South African Music lovers.

Rec. live at "Auditorium RAI", Turin, Italy, on May 4, 1974
(radio broadcast)

Abdullah Ibrahim,piano,flute
Carlos Ward,alto sax,flute
Roland Alexander/John Stubblefield,tenor sax
James Ware,baritone sax
Joe Gardner/Roy Burroughs,trumpet
Kiani Zawadi,trombone
Johnny "Mbizo" Dyani,bass
Roy Brooks,drums,musical saw

1. Air (04:20)
2. Bra Joe From Kilimajaro (23:24)
3. Jabulani-Easter Joy (17:15)
4. Tintiyana, First Part (03:55)

Total Time 48:55


riccardo said...

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I must say you are on a roll lately. Thank you for this. I love Ibrahim's work with larger bands from this time period (especially The Journey) and am looking forward to listening to this. Hurray! Keep up the good work! Cheers, MB

Alec said...

Thank you! but I don't think "Thank you" is enough for all the wonderful treasures you have shared with us over the last few years! There should be a donation button to send a bottle of "Brunello di
Montalcino" to you every month!

btw, I am curious as to when you started taping?

Anonymous said...

thanks for this gem and for the mp3 versions of your posts

riccardo said...

@ Alec

What a nice idea the donation button for sending bottles of Brunello (but even of Sassicaia, Ornellaia, Gaja's
Barbaresco, etc).
I'll discuss your proposal with the boss (kinabalu).

i've started taping around 1977, this recording comes from a trade
i made many years ago.

kinabalu said...

Riccardo deserves all the bottles of high-class wine he can get. Probably out of my price range, though ...

Anonymous said...

Thanks a million!

Arcturus said...

what a fantastic line-up - thank you, yet again!

amnesia said...

Looking forward to hearing this interesting collection of musicians - would love to see some Abdullah Ibrahim/Carlos Ward collaborations turn up on the site!

Andrew said...

Thanks very much for posting this. I love African music greatly and look forward to hearing this set.

francisco santos said...

any chance for a re UP, please?...

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

I'll second the request.

Stan Dick said...

I'll third the same.