10 September 2010

Gerry Mulligan Orchestra - Live in Milan '80

Nearly twenty years after the famous Concert Jazz Band,
Mulligan had the opportunity of refounding a new Big Band
made up of young musicians more few veterans (J.Coles,B.Johnson).
In my opinion one of the greatest Big Band of that period.

Rec. live at "Teatro Orfeo", Milan, Italy, on October 26, 1980
(mics recording)

Gerry Mulligan,baritone & soprano sax,piano(12),conductor
Laurie Frink/Glenn Drewes/Johnny Coles/Gregory Ruwulo,trumpets
Jim Daniels/Birch Johnson/Larry Farrell,trombones
Andy Fusco/Chuck Wilson/Gary Keller/Tom Boras,reeds
Harold Danko,piano
Frank Luther,bass
Richard de Rosa,drums

01. K-4 Pacific [G.Mulligan] (10:48)
02. I'm Getting Sentimental Over You [G.Bassman] (06:05)
03. 'Round Sundown [G. Mulligan] (05:15)
04. Walk On The Water [G. Mulligan] (06:31)
05. Across The Track Blues [D.Ellington] (04:03)
06. Taurus Moon [G.Mulligan] (09:39)
07. For An Unfinished Woman [G.Mulligan] (09:09)
08. Out Back Of The Barn [G.Mulligan] (05:20)
09. Song For Strayhorn [G.Mulligan] (06:38)
10. Maytag [G.Mulligan] (09:45)
11. Walkin' Shoes [G.Mulligan] (03:47)
12. Darn That Dream [E.DeLange] (06:!2)
13. Line For Lyons [G.Mulligan] (04:17)
14. Satin Doll [D.Ellington] (02:50)
15. 42nd And Broadway [G.Mulligan] (05:13)

Total Time 1:35:39


riccardo said...

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moha said...

There's no greater gift for a Mulligan-fan like this! Thank You Riccardo!

X75a said...

I remember hearing this band on the radio on NPR (although I don't think it was 1980). I can't remember the show off of the top of my head. Thanks for posting.

X75a said...

I enjoyed this band a long time ago. Thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this.I only had this on a cassette.

abel said...

Thanks Riccardo. Gerry Mulligan is great!

Anonymous said...

This is a treat indeed--thank you. This is so different from the Concert band and therefore most welcome. I remember not liking Age of Steam when it first came out, but now will want to revisit in light of this. Thank you again.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I see that half of these charts are on Walk on the Water, which is still available, unlike Age of Steam, which seems to be out of print and I do not think I still have the lp, alas.

Luro said...

Thank you Riccardo. I am a fun of Mulligan and never heard him in the 80's.

duck said...

This Mulligan concert is a must.
Again many thanks for it and the RS links

Mulligan Publishing Co., Inc. said...

Dear Sir,

I am writing to correct errors in the track list as posted for Gerry Mulligan Live in Milano 1980 regarding two compositions attributed to the wrong composer.

Track #3 on Disc #1 'Round Sundown was written by Gerry Mulligan, not by Bernie Hanighen.

Track #4 on Disc#1 Walk On The Water was also written by Gerry Mulligan, not Harold Danko who was only playing the piano for this recording.

Please advise me once you have made these corrections to your blog.

Also, I wonder how you came to have this misinformation and the recordings?

Franca R. Mulligan, President
Mulligan Publishing Co., Inc.

francisco santos said...

can you make it alive again ?....
THX !....

tajackson said...

Please re-up when you have a chance- thanks!