5 May 2010

Two Foot Yard - Lugano 2009.03.16

Someone would someday ask me: where is the "lym002" recording?

Here is the answer:

One of my favourite band around in the last years. Keep it loud.



Anonymous said...

hi there lym. i see you're back on the tracks here. i hope you haven't got the exclusion from the psychic hut wrong - you posted a single item almost a year ago now, and that was that. anyway - i think inconstant sol is way a better outlet for your work.


Eric/KMB Jazz said...

"Four Hundred Miles" from their Tzadik CD is a constant on my mixes. Thanks for this.

LYM said...

Hi Lucky,

"don't worry, be happy" said someone?
As You well know It has been hard for me to post something even on only one blog. I agree with You. And as You can see my two new post are a re-up and a link to the missing lym label here.

Other albums in the next future? Perhaps John Carter, Henry Threadgill, Larry Ochs, Anthony Braxton.

Keep it cool.


Anonymous said...

thx for the nice reply, lym. i'd say larry ochs of rova-fame isn't much represented on blogs anywhere - threadgill and braxton are everywhere (and i'm not a big admirer of john carter). so it goes.


bernizz said...

Hi, then what about Charles Tyler, Noah Howard, Horace Tapscott, Bobby Bradford...?! ;-))

kinabalu said...


we have posted all four of them in the past. If you scroll down the right edge of the screen, you'll find links to each. If you look in the comments section of the "Wilber Force" record by Wilber Morris, there's a link to another Morris which has Charles Tyler on it.