5 May 2010

Michel Portal & Bojan Zulfikarpasic - Live in Genoa '99

This is for kinabalu and his collection of Portal's recordings.

Rec. live at "Teatro Piscina", Genoa, Italy, on July 20, 1999
(mix recording)

Michel Portal,soprano sax,bass clarinet,bandoneon
Bojan Zulfikarpasic,piano

1. The Joker (Sacem) (16:25)
2. Voyage (06:38)
3. James (06:09)
4. Mozambique (07:37)
5. De Petiot (08:03)
6. Intranquiero (14:13)
7. Barouf (05:36)
8. Solitudes (02:44)
9. Mutinerie (03:03)

Total Time 1:10:31


riccardo said...

mp3 (159 MB) :


flac (340 MB) :




kinabalu said...

Lovely! I still have a bundle of Portals to post here, c/o the Dime community etc. Will definitely dip into this one. Yet to see him live, but hopefully, one day ...

bernizz said...

Great stuff, riccardo, thanks a lot. I have also some Portal concerts to share which I recorded myself. Does someone have his show from Saalfelden Jazzfestival in Austria from 2003? I was there and it was amazing. Parts of it were supposed to be broadcasted on radio in October 2003, which I missed...

matt w said...

Thank you -- I'm very fond of the album Portal did with Bojan Z and Markus Stockhausen and those folk, so I'm looking forward to this.

riccardo said...

@ bernizz
sorry, i don't have the Saalfelden...

@ matt w
"Dockings" is a great album and even
those folks (Steve Swallow and Joey
Baron) are not so bad.

Carlito said...

Thanks Ricardo for this great concert.

Bernizz, I have the Saalfelden concert in mp3 format; you can find it here :

Michel Portal & Louis Sclavis Quintet - Saafelden 2003


Enjoy !

bernizz said...

So cooool! Thanks a lot Carlito!!! I am after this concert for years!!!

bernizz said...

Here is another performance of Michel Portal of 6 May 2010 in Antwerp, Belgium. He came with Louis Sclavis (bcl,cl, ss), Henri Texier (cb), Christophe Marguet (dr) and the photographer Guy Le Querrec !! The musicians accompanied a slide show of 800 b+w photos (mostly jazz related). Most of the music was specifically composed for this event, but they also played some well known standards, i.e. Mingus' Fables of Faubus(!). They told me that they are not going to record this project, which is sad, as a DVD would be perfect with the photos. Sadly, I could not record all the music due to battery problems...grrrrr!! Here is what I have (in part 4 of the download I added the programme of the performance in PDF, it is only in Dutch) ENJOY!:





Anonymous said...

to riccardo, carlito & the batery guybernizz
for such nice tapes.
Portal is one of my favorites ever.

Anonymous said...

For the l'oeil de l'éléphant concert I've worked out some of the tracks:

2. Fô Lion
3. Ombres
4. Fables of Faubus
6. Indians

Thanks to Riccardo and Bernizz for the concerts!

Anonymous said...

...and part of track 5. is "Dieu N'Existe Pas"

Anonymous said...

The later part of track 5. i "Les Petits Lits Blancs"