7 May 2010

Carla Bley Big Band "Escalator Over The Hill" - Live in Perugia '98

In 1997, a live version of "Escalator Over The Hill", re-orchestrated
by Jeff Friedman, was performed for the first time in Cologne,
Germany, then, in July 1998, "the Escalator" toured Europe :
this recording was made at the "Umbria Jazz Festival".
In comparison with the original recording, here are missing track 1
"Hotel Overture" and track 19 "Little Pony Soldier".

Rec. live at "Teatro Turreno", Perugia, Italy, on July 13, 1998
(radio broadcast)

Carla Bley,conductor
Paul Haines,narrator
Phil Minton/Lindsey Richardson/Syd Straw/David Moss/Linda Sharrock, vocals
Baikida Carroll/Guy Barker,trumpets
Gary Valente/Richard Edwards/Adrian Lane/Roger Williams,trombones
Wolfang Pusching,alto sax,flute,vocal
Andy Sheppard,tenor sax,vocal
Julian Arguelles,baritone sax,bass clarinet,vocal
Pamela Attariwala,violin
Karen Mantler,keyboards,vocal
Steve Lowther,keyboards
Brad Shepik,guitar
Steve Swallow,electric bass
Dennis Mackrel,drums
Ramesh Shotham,percussion

01. This Is Here... (04:25)
02. Like Animals (01:29)
03. Escalator Over The Hill (05:01)
04. Stay Awake (01:34)
05. Ginger And David/Song To Anything That Moves (04:33)
06. EOTH Theme/Businessmen (04:22)
07. Ginger And David Theme (0:47)
08. Why (02:30)
09. It's Not What You Do (0:21)
10. Detective Writer Daughter (03:35)
11. Doctor Why (01:22)
12. Slow Dance/Smalltown Agonist (06:54)
13. End Of Head (0:57)
14. Over Her Head (02:48)
15. Oh Say Can You Do ? (01:04)
16. Holiday In Risk (03:18)
17. Holiday In Risk Theme (0:52)
18. A.I.R. (All India Radio) (07:08)
19. Rawalpindi Blues (15:59)
20. End Of Rawalpindi (06:53)
21. End Of Animals/...And It's Again (12:00)

Total Time 1:28:01


longbranch said...

This looks fantastic, thanks!

Wallofsound said...

Carla Bley's always welcome. Thanks.

Moobear said...

I've been looking for something from this tour for so long, absolutely thrilled to listen. Sort of in awe that there's no Little Pony Soldier... they skipped it? It demands an enormous male vocal range, but I'd say it's probably the most fantastic vocal piece in the whole work

Anonymous said...

... it's again ... and again ... !

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Please, reupload flac files part 2,3,&4

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the LIVE Miroslav Vitous. There was no link to post my comment, so I'm doing it here. By the way, I still treasure the original box with ESCALATOR.

riccardo said...

mp3 (198 MB) :


flac (338 MB) NEW LINKS :




Anonymous said...

still sounds wonderful, the words are hilarious.interesting without Jack and john and linda and so on. thanks heaps.

Bhowani said...

links still work ! thanks a lot, Riccardo !