29 January 2010

Dave Holland - Live in Rome '81 [New Links]

Continue this solo series with another master bass
player (here also on cello), taped by our friend "Ilario".

Rec. live at "Murales", Rome, Italy, on April 1, 1981
(mics recording)

Dave Holland,cello,bass

1. Cello (15:26)
2. Bass (11:10)

Total Time 26:37


Roches Noires said...

This 'solo series' has been wonderful. 20/30 minute vignettes of personality. Thanks.

- RN

Frédito el philistin said...

Thanks for all your shares, Gentlemen. Funny how Holland presents a resemblance with Henri Texier on this picture !

I wish I could listen to more of your concerts and rare albums and therefore leave more comments.

Best regards

kinabalu said...


any time is the right time!

Anonymous said...

what a rare pleasure, thank you very much!

aleovi80 said...

I'm very interested in this Holland´s recordings. Could you please repost the link? Thanks for the wondeful music you have here.

giappyc said...

please repost links!!!

riccardo said...

flac (111 MB):
rapidshare | fileserve | oron