27 January 2010

Derek Bailey - Live in Pisa '79

Some more notes from Derek's musical bag.

Rec. live in Pisa, Italy, on June 28, 1979
(mics recording)

Derek Bailey,guitar

1. Four Improvisations (27:07)


riccardo said...

mp3 (61 MB) :

flac (157 MB) :


gd said...

thank you so much!
i love derek's music....

Jon-A said...

Thanks for this post - and the recent fantastic Cecil Taylor/Tony Oxley. However I'd like to point out FYI that Rapidshare has, in my experience, gotten MUCH worse in the last month or two. Free downloads are available only in the dead of night. Trying to download large flac files is, especially, a very long term project. Not complaining - just sorry to see this wonderful music become increasingly inaccessible. Thanks again.

john said...

thank you vey much. DB was a musical pioneer whose music is unfailingly beautiful and powerful. Anything he played is worth listening to.

mario said...

Grazie!!!! Do you know if it is the complete performance?

riccardo said...

@ Jon-A
try this

@ mario
yes, unfortunately this is the complete performance (i was the taper)

maready said...

Thanks --- just what the doctor ordered for the final days of January

1009 said...

Thanks -- this is a very nice recording and an interesting performance. But who would expect less of our man DB?

dave said...

Derek Bailey is my favourite guitarist. Full stop. Thanks very much for this!

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

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Neither said...

This link is dead... Please re-up again. Thanks!