31 January 2010

Ornette Coleman's Original Quartet - Live in Reggio Emilia '90

In 1990 the city of Reggio Emilia in Italy held a three-days "Portrait
of the Artist" featuring the Coleman's "Original Quartet" with Don
Cherry, Charlie Haden and Billy Higgins. The festival also presented
performances of his "Prime Time" and the symphonic "Skies Of
Titles as listed by radio announcer.

Rec. live at "Teatro Municipale Valli", Reggio Emilia, Italy,
on April 24, 1990 (mono radio broadcast)

Ornette Coleman,alto saxophone
Don Cherry,trumpet
Charlie Haden,bass
Billy Higgins,drums

01. Telescope (04:54)
02. Him And Her (08:30)
03. Buckminster Fuller (07:38)
04. Magic (08:36)
05. Dancing Flower (06:35)
06. If You Could See My Eyes (09:36)
07. Spelling The Alphabet (07:53)
08. Word For Bird (08:22)
09. Latin Genetics (12:26)
10. Singing In The Shower (10:06)
11. Lonely Woman (12:27)
12. The Sphinx (05:32)

Total Time 1:42:44


riccardo said...

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Miklos said...

Thanks a lot for posting this recording, which was unknown to me. Can't wait to listen to the original Ornette quartet thirty years later.

Anonymous said...

New to me. Thank you.

grgo said...

Thank you for your wonderful blog.
I discovered it through a friend who sent me some of the music you shared.There are really some incredible recordings. For example Black Unity Trio.
I would like to have it in a better quality as you offered.
Also I could send you a list of my collection.Maybe you are interested in trading a bit.

Thank you very much,

matt w said...

So. Awesome.

Thank you.

maready said...

As always --- WOW! and –

thanks ...

kinabalu said...


we'd certainly be interested in what you may have. Our "trade" is that we post what we have, so if you're willing to contribute in one way or the other, please let us know.

hulaboy said...

Countless thanks! - and here's hoping that we'll hear the Skies of America from the same event.

Igor said...

Thanks for all beautiful music that you sharing with us, riccardo.
Maybe a miracle happens one day and someone find recorded early Coleman's Original Quartet with Bobby Bradford instead of Don Cherry.

Chris Jentsch said...

Beautiful blog, man. Priceless music history...

edlorado said...

thank you!

Sam said...

any chance of a re-upload?

Anonymous said...
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rev.b said...

I imagine this will be pretty amazing. By any chance do you have the part that featured Skies of Americia? I'd love a chance to hear that. Either way, thank you for posting this historic reunion!

Andy said...

@rev.b. YouTube... http://youtu.be/sU45kSKvzIc

Scraps said...

And me, I want Prime Time! There's no end to the audience's wants....


rev.b said...

@Andy, Swwwweeet!!! As much as I love the record, I've always wanted to hear the original, complete version. Looks like that's what we have here, tho' w/ Prime Time. I never thought Ornette got enough recognition for this aspect of his work. Thank you soooo much for the heads up!

onxidlib said...

New link from Anonymous (see also comment from July 5, 2015) in flac:


john said...

thank you, missed this the first time. For me this group was never bettered as a vehicle for Ornette's playing and compositions.