27 January 2009

Pat LaBarbera & Randy Brecker at The Rex

The Rex Hotel, Toronto, ON - Jan. 12, 2008

Randy Brecker is one of the foremost jazz trumpeters and he's especially renowned for the series of Brecker Brothers jazz-fusion recordings he made in the 1970s and 80s with his late saxophonist sibling, Michael Brecker.

Saxophonist Pat LaBarbera is now a Canadian jazz heavyweight based at Humber College in Toronto, but made his name in the '60s and '70s as a soloist in the bands of Buddy Rich, Woody Herman, Louis Bellson and Elvin Jones.

Drummer Joe LaBarbera has a similarly rich resume, with the notable addition of a stint in the trio of the late pianist Bill Evans.

Together with pianist Brian Dickinson and bassist Neil Swainson, Brecker and the LaBarbera Brothers became a quintet for a fiery performance at The Rex in Toronto during the recent IAJE conference.

1 While My Lady Sleeps Bronislow Kaper 12:10
2 Chief Crazy Horse Wayne Shorter 11:43
3 Dirty Dogs Randy Brecker 13:16
4 There's a Lull in My Life Matt Gordon/Harry Revel 11:47
5 Crossing the Line Pat LaBarbera 12:02
6 Bye Ya Thelonious Monk 14:33

* Randy Brecker - trumpet
* Pat LaBarbera - saxophone
* Joe LaBarbera - drums
* Brian Dickinson - piano
* Neil Swainson - bass


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wightdj said...

Solid band, thanks.

sasha said...

I'll second the comment above...The modern mainstream is still producing some fine music...And this band is a great example..Many thanks for the post.

sasha said...

Hi there! Sorry to report that in 'Chief Crazy Horse', at the tailend of Randy's solo and at the beggining of Pat's, the recording starts to break-up and mis-behave! Is this on the original or can it be corrected by a re-post? Many thanks..

gsrbrts2 said...

Thanks for the heads-up Sasha, a corrected version of that track is being processed as we speak!


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sasha said...

Many, many thanks..I've been intrigued by this tune for quite a while..Always nice to hear another take on it.

malu said...

hello, I would like to report an error when I try to open http://rapidshare.com/files/190330784/pt_lbrbr_rndbrckr.part2.rar
is it possible to correct it?
part one just fine!

thanks a lot malu

Anonymous said...

This looks quite interesting, but it seems that all the links are dead. Is there any chance you could repost it at some point. I've always like Pat LaBarbera; I got to hear him playing with the Buddy Rich Band back when I was in high school.