27 January 2009

François Houle, Benoît Delbecq & Evan Parker

Recorded: Jun. 20, 2008

Venue: Roundhouse Community Centre, Vancouver, BC
Vancouver clarinetist extraordinaire François Houle is joined in his adopted city by two greats of the improv jazz scene, French pianist Benoît Delbecq and legendary English saxophonist Evan Parker.

They met in 2005 for an improv show in Montreal and immediately hit it off. They come together again at the 2008 Vancouver Jazz Festival's Innovation series, held at the Roundhouse Community Centre in Yaletown, Vancouver.

1 Stone Through Sunlight 20:48
2 Moonlight Through Stone9:02
3 Stone On Stone16:30

* François Houle - clarinet
* Benoît Delbecq - piano
* Evan Parker - tenor saxophone


gsrbrts2 said...

Flac (MP3s if required)


Anonymous said...

thank you folks for your hard work, kindness and generosity. i realize this is largely a thankless task and though not all of us have adapted the manners we've been taught into the anonymous territory of the internet, i imagine many people share a similar gratitude.

whether this blog continues or not, everyone involved has done a tremendous service for unearthing lost and/or forgotten works and for that i wish you well!

Anonymous said...

in addition to my last comment, if anyone has mp3s of steve lacy's 'lumps' and they would be willing to share, i would be forever grateful!

Anonymous said...

ni anonymous,

lacy lumps (from h&h):


cu ;-)

Anonymous said...

excellent! thank you very much for the lacy!!

Anonymous said...

Hello gsrbrts2 and all!
this one is just doomed to be lovely! i can hardly wait listening to it!
and, for this blog: i think the only way of responding to the recent changes here is just this: go forward!
thanks for devoting your time!

bless you

Scott said...

REALLY looking forward to this one. I've been enjoying some much earlier Evan Parker lately (mostly solo), and not too familiar w/ the other two players on this. Bravo, thanks for the share, looks tasty.

Anonymous said...

Houle is such a brilliant clarinetist. I strongly recommand this one. Thank you gsrbrts2!
- waso

Nils said...

I recorded this!! Thanks for sharing it even wider than Dime.

Andy said...

Oh wow..this is gorgeous..just lovely. Don't pass this by. Thanks so much.

amnesia said...

I'd really appreciate being able to hear this, thanks in advance