27 January 2009

Instant Composers Pool Orchestra at the Guelph Jazz Festival 2008

River Run Centre, Guelph, ON Sep. 05, 2008

The Instant Composers' Pool Orchestra has a combative friendship at its heart - the Dutch duo of pianist and composer Misha Mengelberg and drummer Han Bennink has been going strong for more than forty years. Through the decades, they've nurtured an ensemble of musicians that keeps playful improvisation and creative composition at its core.

At this Guelph Jazz Festival concert, the players' solos butt up against each other, Han Bennink goes running across the stage and Misha Mengelberg keeps it all together at the piano.

1 12 Bars Herbie Nichols (composer) 6:57
2 Aan uit Misha Mengelberg (composer) 6:11
3 Ezels Misha Mengelberg (composer) 9:35
4 Gare Gueman Misha Mengelberg (composer) 6:20
5 The Tool & Toy Suite Thomas Herberer (composer), Steve Lacey (text) 9:54
6 No Idea Misha Mengelberg (composer) 8:21
7 Ktoel Misha Mengelberg (composer) 4:04
8 Criss Cross Thelonius Monk (composer) 9:26
9 The Mother of all Wars Misha Mengelberg (composer) 6:49

Instant Composers Pool Orchestra
Misha Mengelberg - piano
Han Bennick - drums, percussion
Ab Baars - clarinet, tenor sax
Tobias Delius - tenor sax
Ernst Glerum - double bass
Thomas Heberer - trumpet
Tristan Honsinger - cello
Michael Moore - sax, clarinet
Mary Oliver - violin
Wolter Wierbos - trumpet


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jazzme said...

Thank you for posting this , I did not know how to upload from the site . I was at this show and sat 20 feet from the stage it was a great experience to see this show , tried to get pictures but security there kept bothering me due to the fact someone beside me was using a crappy cellphone with a flash to take pictures and I got the blame for all her efforts . Wallsofsound if it is anytime you can make to Ontario the best is during the Guelph Jazz Festival -

jazzme said...

Were you at this show gsrbrts2

Anonymous said...

i'm very sad that sotise left the house, but i'm not very sad that you, gsrbrts2, posted this. i'm lucky instead. ;)

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p.s.: i realised you split the file at about 100mb - rapidshare.com allows files up to 200mb for quite a while. just for your info - maybe it was all intentional... ;) cheers

1009 said...

Thanks for posting this. I presented a paper at the Colloquium but had to leave before this show (I think I returned to Chicago on the 3rd). Glad to have the chance to hear it.

The Haunter said...

Thank you for the ICP set. I saw them the same summer at the Annual Chicago Jazz Fest. A pleasure.

Wallofsound said...

This band is new to me. I must find some time in the next week to listen to the current crop of great music.

jazzme: I'll be in Toronto in July. Work and a family holiday, so it's find the best music when I'm there.

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Thanks !


wightdj said...

Glad to hear this recent concert, always an element of surprise. Thanks.

Hugo Truyens said...

Gare Guillemins