6 October 2019


Yesterday, while searching for the CDr of Lacy's 1977 East-Berlin recording, I've discovered this rare line-up.

Steve Lacy, soprano saxophone
Misha Mengelberg, piano
Donald Garrett, double bass
Han Bennink, drums

1. Radio Announcement 1:01
2. Hornin In 6:30
3. Criss Cross 09:48
4. Misterioso 9:57
5. Little Rootie Tootie 4:32
6. In Walked Bud into Round Midnight 6:52 
7. Bright Mississippi 6:21

Track 5: Steve Lacy solo
Track 6: Han Bennink solo into H.Bennink/M. Mengenberg Duo

Recorded at the Chicago Jazz Festival on August 29, 1986.


Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...


armando said...

Thanks for sharing your finding! i don´t remember seeing Donald Garrett with Lacy before.

Bill said...

Intriguing line-up! Thanks Ernst.

rev.b said...

I bet that was a fun room to be in. Appreciate the chance to listen in.

BT said...

Thank-you very much

daniel said...

BEAUTIFUL session!!
I spent last two weeks listening to it here and there.
everytime sounded GREAT.

Monk's compositions fits very very well to Lacy's style.

thanks a lot

miloo2 said...

Ernst, 1fichier keep opens ad for paid account, and cannot letting me go download! Any other can help with alternative upload?