15 October 2019

Glenn Horiuchi - Next Step (Asian Improv 1988)

on track A1, A3, B1, B2:
Glenn Horiuchi - piano
M'Chaka Uba - bass
Leon Alexander - drums

on track A2, B3:
Glenn Horiuchi - piano
Francis Wong - tenor sax
Taiji Miyagawa - bass
Samoa Koria - drums
Ayanna Hobson - vocal

A1 - In Movement         9:11
A2 - Dreamwaters         7:50
A3 - To Ar         1:56
B1 - Mochi Groove         3:42
B2 - Song For Shizuno     6:56
B3 - Next Step         7:12

All compositions by Glenn Horiuchi (BMI)
Recorded and mixed in October 1987 and January 1988 at Fanfare Studios, El Cajon

Asian Improv Records, AIR 0002
Vinyl, 1988


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