18 May 2019


May will be a good month for those who still buy records. Once again Nobusiness records will publish several exciting titles.

Obviously they have started a reissue program of archival recordings of Sam Rivers. The first volume will be a trio with Norman Connors & Cecil McBee, this trio previously has recorded the fantastic « Stream »

Another great reissue is this obscure session recorded by Sunny Murray in 1994 with two musicians that comes from the alternative rock. Previously published on lp in a very limited quantity (less than 30 copies), it will be reissued with more music.

For those who appreciate Ton-Klami here is part of the band with only Midori Takada and the impressive Kang Tae Hwan only in duet

Last but not least there is a reissue from a fantastic Detail session done in 1982. (Previously released on vinyl as Okhela) If you have missed the cd on FMR published almost one year ago, don’t miss this one.

 From the french label Dark Tree records here is finally the first reissue of unpublished concerts by Horace Tapscott. This show happened few month before Tapscott’s death. The Pan African Peoples Arkestra is joined by the chorus of The Great Voices of UGMAA

Let me tell you also that Dave Douglas’s Green Leaf label has started few years ago a program of subscriptions and publish some music only available for the subscribers: take a look at the incredible line up of this 2017 release:
or this one

Sometimes you can find copies on the web but they are mostly directly distributed by subscription.

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