14 April 2018


A.  Grekisk Rapsodi

Christer Boustedt, alto saxophone
Gösta Wälivaara, bass
Sven Hessle, bass
Jan Carlsson, drums
Torbjørn Munthe-Sandberg, vocals

B. Novotek

Sven Hessle, bass
Anders Söderling, drums
Åke Johansson, piano
Gilbert Holmström, tenor saxophone

Recorded on January 14, 1967 (A) and June 10, 1968 (B)

LP Rip


Nick said...

Not quite in time for Easter



Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

I'm somewhat speechless. Heard part of this LP on a fine compilation recently, again. Before I hadn't realised that the excerpt is from this vinyl.
Thanks, Nick.
Hope you're doing fine!

Clifford Allen said...

Glad to finally be able to hear this -- been on the hunt for an LP copy for quite some time.

correct silence said...

WOe! Nick you are back with a real treasure. This is a fantastic album that I didn't know or to be exact I already knew the side b because it is the bonus track of the GILBERT HOLMSTRÖM KVINTET utan misstankar cd reissue but I didn't know that it came from this lp. The side a is a real masterpiece and the full album is superbe. This is a nice come back Nick!

BT said...

Thank-you very much

Solomon said...

Wow! Thank you so much Nick!

johanni said...

Thanks for this amazing record! I've been wanting to hear the full "Grekisk rapsodi" for quite some time.

corvimax said...

never mind easter, if you share this is always easter, thank you