26 March 2018


On May 11 we'll have: 

Dave Holland - double bass
Evan Parker, saxophone(s?)
Craig Taborn, piano + electronics
Ches Smith, percussion

Not only quartet but also duo and trio configurations.

2 x CD or 3 x LP

On Friday March 30 already there are two releases I'm waiting eagerly...

Mark Nauseef - All In All In All

Arthur Jarvinen – glockenspiel, chromatic harmonica, analogue electronics
Sylvie Courvoisier – piano, prepared piano
Tony Oxley – percussion
Pat Thomas – cassette player, electronics, electric keyboard
Miroslav Tadic´ – guitars
Walter Quintus – real time processing, conducting
Bill Laswell – bass, field recordings, electronics
Mark Nauseef – percussion, electronics


Alexander von Schlippenbach / Rudi Mahall - So Far

Check out the label > there

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