1 March 2017


I never would have thought that these great sounds will get a reissue. But as a Buddhist monk once in far more serious circumstances remarked I had to little imagination...
At the end of march there will be a 6 CD-box with all the LPs of the Workshop De Lyon and the Free Jazz Workshop.
Not only the previously released yet rare recordings but also unreleased music - already ordered my copy.


 Discovered this CD only late in 2016. But in January '17 I realised what for a masterpiece the music contained is - IMO.
Acoustic bass guitar and piano - recommended!


wightdj said...

Good news! Need more early Sclavis . Thanks.

Richard said...

Augusti Fernandez is a very underrated talent. Saw him live once; he held the audience absolutely spellbound.

Lucky said...

I somehow missed the news about the Workshop box - what a TREMENDOUS treasure. I'll order my copy right now from A-Musik in Cologne.