2 March 2017

HOPPER, DEAN, TiPPETT, GALLiVAN - Stadt Theatre, Radio Bremen 1977

HOPPER, DEAN, TiPPETT, GALLiVAN - Stadt Theatre, Radio Bremen 1977

01 Echoes  7.21
02 Seven Drones 10.58
03 Naima  12.29
04 Soul Fate  8.26

Hugh Hopper, bass guitar
Elton Dean, alto sax, saxello
Keith Tippett, piano
Joe Gallivan, drums, moog synthesizer

This was posted few years ago in Contributions section (by Nod Y? Anyway thank you to original contributor). I converted original mp3 files to wav, set appropriate tracking and then converted to flac and mp3. Picture above is from 1 hour long performance of the quartet, published on Vimeo by CCA: Glasgow as follows.


Miloš Latislav said...

flac at ulozto.net

mp3 at ulozto.net

francisco santos said...


correct silence said...

yes Milos

I posted this concert in the contribution section and it is a good idea to put it on the front page because the sound and the music is great, too few recordings by this great band.
if someone still have the files of the mad axe quartet by Hugh Hopper and Lol Coxhill posted here some years ago it would be great to update...

john said...

A great band indeed, many thanks for this.

James Manion said...

Thank you Milos

rev.b said...

I've loved this band sine I first heard Cruel But Fair back in the 70s. With so few recordings left behind, any new discoveries are instant treasures. I've greatly enjoyed these files and look forward to hearing the again. I had not idea there was and video of them so inspire of issues with the original video tape, I'm certain it will be a treat. Thank you for this and all the great music shared here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this concert. It's a pleasure to hear such great musicians.
Do you have the following concert ?
Colorphone Kerava Jazz 2008 Keuda Hall, Kerava Finland.

Miloš Latislav said...

@anonymous: No, I do not have it.