6 December 2016


 I won't give a review for this latest release on the almost dormant label "psi".
But these 'liquid sculptures' have won my admiration easily. Quite a special sound-world.
Gouband plays lithophones (percussion played on and with stones) while Nauseef mostly uses metallic percussion.
Evan Parker feels strongly that this is one of the best records he has ever made.
And I gladly agree with this notion. Already added to my 'top ten' of 2016.
Highest recommendation on my side.

 Just deleted the link for a LP rip we've offered in 2010.
Yesterday morning - some minutes before I went to work - I discovered that it was reissued in September. Luckily it was available in Germany and so I got it today.
Remastered from the original tapes and housed in a LP replica.
A great early collaboration between Japanese and Afro-American masters.

The above recording is the second CD which shall add up to a trilogy.
"Luten" > Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky is in top condition here despite being 81 when this 30 minutes of music were recorded - yeah.
The line-up appeared promising before I heard it for the first time some weeks ago:

Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky - as, cl
Elan Pauer - p, perc
John Edwards - b
Robert Landfermann - b
Christian Lillinger - dr, perc

Available through the label Euphorium and elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear about the new Evan Parker CD on PSI - Christmas has come early

Anonymous said...

The new psi CD is a true deception : ecolo & churchy, complacent...

Chris said...

Thank you. Have just purchased.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your recommendations. Very interesting!
Please can you tell me where to buy the cd "Seikatsu Kōjyō Iinkai"
Has for many years that i would …
Thanks in advance:)

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Outside of Germany I found - with a quick search - two places where you can order the CD.



Anonymous said...

Thanks but i live in Italy and prefer (if exist) a mailorder from germany ... you have a link?
Shipping cost from Japan are higher than the cost of the CD + customs tax…
Thanks again

Nick said...


Japan archives is Cedric Clerouley in France, who has very reasonable shipping, is a great enthusiast for Japanese music and is a good guy.


Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Hi Pipino.
I agree with Nick. I've already ordered from Cedric Clerouley and it was a very pleasant experience.


Anonymous said...

Ernst and Nick
Thank you very much:))
I looked at the Cedric Clerouley website and it is very very interesting)
I think it will be very dangerous to my bank account ...…