6 December 2016


I don't know wether the Al Neil Trio is really the first Free Jazz group from Canada.
But this recent purchase is surely an extraordinary find for me.
Especially the vocalisations from Richard Anstey have won me over. And this is true despite my general aversion for lyrics/poems et. al. "attached" to music.
But that's not the whole story. The integration of field recordings in the process of improvisation and the general musical prowess of the trio makes for an engaged listening experience.
In my book this double CD is THE reissue (out-of-five) of 2016, albeit released already in 2002.
It will be available as long as stock lasts. You can get it here as download or as the complete package including liner notes and reminiscences from a.o. Eugene Chadbourne, Milo Fine and Al Neil.

The first free jazz group in Canada:
Al Neil - piano, zither, vocals, miscellaneous instruments;
Richard Anstey - acoustic bass, soprano sax, vocals, toy instruments;
Gregg Simpson - drums, percussion, toy instruments, sound collages

Includes 30 page booklet with reviews and photos.

More info to be found there.


correct silence said...

If it is also the place where we can post some suggestion here is a new album that I recommend, it have been produced by the french label "improvising being". it is a trio of Rick Countryman (sax, Simon Tan (bass), Christian Bucher (drums). This trio is in the ESP tradition but surely more lyrical. Countryman was a student of Bert Wilson and Christian Bucher study drums with Pierre Favre, more informations can be found here

Nick said...

More information about Gregg Simpson's music, including some small groups with Paul Cram here and about his prolific visual art career here