5 August 2016

Terje Rypdal Trio live at Sendesaal, Bremen 1973

Since there seems to be a bit of interest in Rypdal at the moment, here is a set I dragged out of the archives. This was posted in our conributions section as high-grade mp3s, but since I had the flac files lying about, I thought I might as well put them here.

Terje Rypdal Trio
April 4, 1973
Sendesaal, Bremen

Terje Rypdal (g, fl)
Barre Phillips (b)
Jon Christensen (d)

Disc 1
Journal (B. Phillips)    7:04
Horizon (T. Rypdal)    11:12
Black Boy (T. Rypdal)    9:36
Back of J. (B. Phillips)    4:05
Bend It (T. Rypdal) (inc)    14:52

Disc 2
Electric Fantasy (T. Rypdal)    11:00
Event IV (G. Russell)    5:33
Rainbow (T. Rypdal)    8:18
Icing (T. Rypdal-J. Christensen)    15:02
Tough Enough (T. Rypdal) (inc)    6:45

More than 90 minutes in all.

Jon Christensen was with the Jan Garbararek Group at the time and so was Rypdal initially, though I think he might have left by the time of this recording. Barre Phillips was in John Surman's Trio, but the trio might have disbanded by 1973.

Basically improvisational, good sound and to my knowledge, never officially released. 


kinabalu said...



Anonymous said...

A spoonful of thanks for the surprise . . . did not have this one in my TR collection!!

-- Pino

francisco santos said...

BIG THX, K....

Nod y said...

Hi Kinabalu and all the followers.
My listening experience of this concert is very interesting, I'm the kind of guy who take much care of the sound so when Kinabalu told about a flac version of the concert that I have previously recommended on the contribution section I was very interested. After a download of this post I can say that the source of the two posts are different. The one posted by Kinabalu seems to come from a tape very well recorded but the source from the one I have recommended appears to be a soundboard. Comparing both it appears that the one posted in the contribution section have a sound lightly clear than the one here. The lesson to learn for me is not to concentrate always on the extension of the file but of course on the source where it come from.
Anyway it is nice to put a spot on Rypdal.

Andy said...

I listened to both the 320 and the flac. I'd say they were the same recording, but the flac carries more detail in the lower end, sometimes taking a little away from the guitar. Overall the 320, I thought, is a brighter, more open sound. Both are very good quality, but if I had to choose, in this instance, I'd go for the 320.

Bippy said...

I found this concert on a blog several years ago,
and have been knocked out by the fantastic music
and, in particular, the playing of Barre Phillips.
I feel he's one of the greatest bass players around
and even more underrated than most jazz musicians.
Beautiful sound on this recording. This was recorded
at around the same time as the Rypdal album "What
Comes After" on ECM and contains
3 of the pieces from that album.
A must-hear.

Alan Burns said...

Wow! Love this recording (got it on mp3 from musica degradata), so a lossless upgrade is hugely welcome - thanks!

wightdj said...

Cool, thanks.

Andy said...

sideline - as I just ripped it: George Russell - Electronic Sonata for Souls Loved by Nature - 1968

apf said...

Thank you so much!

guairao said...

Many thanks!

Marcelo said...

Muito obrigado !!!!

inamorata said...

I'm a little late but others may be even later and still interested in my findings comparing the two versions (.flac vs. .mp3/256). As pointed out above, the .mp3 comes from a different source which is clearly superior, without the FM compression and the many small glitches that almost inevitably come with olf tapes. What has not yet been mentioned: it continues where the .flac fades out, probably cutting the radio announcements. Total time is 98:52 for the .mp3, vs. 93:30 for the .flac. And the .flac has quite massive distortions towards the end that are not there in the other version. Unfortunately the .mp3 has minor continuity issues at the file transitions. Thanks to all involved for preserving and sharing this great music!

- inamorata

Rocker47 said...

Thank you very much.

Miloš Latislav said...

Here is mp3 version of this concert, as posted on Musica degradata blog (link there is out of date now) - https://ulozto.net/!saOVDA1wmf4X/1973-terje-rypdal-barre-phillips-jon-christensen-live-in-bremen-1973-7z

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