4 August 2016


Terje Rypdal, guitar, soprano saxophone
Bjørnar Andresen, bass
Espen Rud, drums

1. I Cried A Million Tears Last Night     4:17
2. Invocation     4:09
3. Champagne Of Course     11:06
4. Ved Sørevatn     6:03
5. Nøtteliten     7:32
6. Strange Beauty     5:47

Recorded at Rosenborg Studios, Oslo, Norway, September, 1970.

Originally released on Polydor 2382 003 (Norway, 1970)

(This rip from Take5 TAKE5 35015, 2010 - bootleg)


onxidlib said...


sotise said...

great album!... thanks for the flac "upgrade"

Vitko said...

Looks like I'll spend a very pleasant afternoon. Thank onxidlib.

Thad said...

Thank you for sharing!

francisco santos said...


Alan Burns said...

Interesting... is the Take 5 disc definitely an unofficial/unauthorised reissue? This isn't reflected in its Discogs entry. Nonetheless, this is such a great (and little known) Rypdal album that it always deserves wider exposure - thanks!

Anonymous said...

Very, very nice to see Rypdal getting some much deserved attention here. Thanks a million.

-- Pino

steve said...

Thanks Onxidlib! This appears to precede his ECM work and will be new to my ears. Awesome!

kinabalu said...

Nice. I have the original vinyl version of this one, but don't mind a digital backup. I saw them once in the early 70s. As far as I recall, they did two pieces, roughly 50 minutes each. Experimental jazz mixed with musical theatre.

For those who want to go further back, there was Bleak House which was his first stab at jazz or at least fusionist jazz-prog (with vocals!). Before that, there was The Dream which was a psych rock band. Only made one album. Before that again, there was the Vanguards, a straight rock band which started out in the early sixties doing Shadows covers among other things.

wightdj said...

Appreciated, thanks.

propylaen2001 said...

Many thanks for this vintage Rypdal work.
Norwegian TV archives have only recently released some video footage of Min Bul at Molde Jazz festival in 1970. For those interested please find it here:


Min Bul starts at 24:30.


Alan Burns said...

@propylaen2001, many thanks for the link, that was an awesome performance to watch!

If anyone would like an mp3 download of that performance, I took the liberty of stream-ripping it: http://www73.zippyshare.com/v/qppKRjcd/file.html

kinabalu said...

@propylaen2001: Thanks for the pointer to the Min Bul performance at Molde Jazz. I used to watch Flimra regularly back in those days, but I can't remember ever having watched Min Bul. Funny thing: I happen to know the fellow in glasses who is in the first part of the programme, discussing the UN, very well. I wonder if he's aware that he has been "archived"! Slightly more grey-haired thsese days :-)

Andy said...

Thank you onx, propy and Alan. Great work!

Reimer said...

My thanks to Alan in Bonny Scotland for ripping that Min Bul stream.

There are a couple of NRK-streamed archive Molde gigs on Youtube, Garbarek 82 & Rypdal 75, which defy capture by one as tech-challenged as me.


apf said...

Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

What's the trick to capturing these NRK archives? How do you get them into mp4 format? Would love to know.

-- Pino

propylaen2001 said...

Hi Pino,

I used to download with JDownloader and got mp4 files. Unfortunately all of a sudden it does not do the trick anymore.
Now I use a Firefox add-on called Video DownloadHelper which lets me easily download the video once it started playing. You can even choose from different resolutions. This now results in flv files which are exactly the same quality as the mp4 files I had when downloading with JDownloader.
If you use a different browser you will have to google for a similar solution. I know there are a lot out there.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the tips, Propylaen. Will look to see what I can come up with. Such a trove of Rypdal at NRK!!!!

-- Pino

Vibrae Phased said...

MIN BUL -1970- Fra Jazzfestvalen i Molde [ Terje Rypdal ] https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=ak3sHI3fd_Y