7 September 2015

JULiE DRiSCOLL - 1969 (Polydor 1971)

This remarkable album was reissued on CD third times, but none of it is recently available. Earliest One Way Records version sounded poor, next issue on Disconforme seems fine to me sonically - I prefer it before latest release on Eclectic Disc (I was hoping in another issue on their succesors Esoteric Recordings, but they seems to have different preferences). So here is Disconforme sound with scans of Eclectic Disc booklet w/liner notes by Sid Smith and song lyrics.
Not as much avant jazz, but really experimental songwriting. And first meeting of Julie and Keith Tippett, I can strongly recommend also their latest song based project - Nostalgia 77 Sessions feat. Keith and Julie Tippett on Thru Thougts label.

JULiE DRiSCOLL - 1969 (Polydor 1971)

Julie Driscoll - vocals, acoustic guitar
Chris Spedding - elg [1] / bg [3]
Jeff Clyne - db [1/2/5/7]
Mark Charig - cornet [1/7]
Elton Dean - as [1/7]
Nick Evans - tb [1/7]
Trevor Tomkins - d [1/3/7]
Keith Tippett - p [2/7] / celeste [2] / arrangements
Karl Jenkins - oboe [3]
Bud Parkes - tpt [3]
Stan Sulzmann - as [3]
Derek Wadsworth - tb [3]
Brian Godding - elg / voices [4/6/8]
Jim Cregan - g [4]
Brian Belshaw - bg / voices [4]
Barry Reeves - d [4]
Bob Downes - fl [5]
Jim Cregan - g [4]

Tracks: 1. A New Awakening [JD] (3:51) - 2. Those That We Love [JD] (4:48) - 3. Leaving It All Behind [JD] (4:51) - 4. Break Out [JD] (5:23) - 5. The Choice [JD] (5:59) - 6. Lullaby [JD] (4:23) - 7. Walk Down [JD] (4:16) - 8. I Nearly Forgot... But I Went Back [JD] (5:10) 

Recorded Oct 1969-Feb 1970 at Advision Studios, London. Produced by Giorgio Gomelsky.

OOP CD Disconforme DISC 1966 CD (released 2000)


Miloš Latislav said...

flac (image + cue) @ ulozto.net

Anonymous said...

A nice whiff of Giorgio Gomelsky's sideburns with this one.
Just to mention - the zip package contains a single 39 minute FLAC file tagged as 'Track 2' 'Those That We Love'.

Thanks Miloš Latislav!

Miloš Latislav said...

Thanks for reply, anon. Single flac with cue file works in players like VLC or foobar. It is also possible to make single tracks by using Daemon Tools and EAC.

Chiquilicuatre y Zappa said...

Many thanks for the wonderful album in flac

bventure said...

Looking forward to this, should be excellent. Will definitely be splitting the single file thoogh! Foobar 2000 usualy works well for this - or EAC, but only for wav files.

corvimax said...

much appreciated Miloš, many thanks.
a tip to split with EAC: make it wav, open cue file, when it says "file type not supported in line 7" go to line 7 and type wav where it says flac; save the new cue file in the same folder, in tools 'split wav by cue sheet', done.

Miloš Latislav said...

bventure and corvimax, there is no need to convert to wav if you use Daemon Tools - it works as a virtual CD driver. You just open cue file in it, and it works then for both EAC (straight from flac image file) and Windows Media Player. Downloadable for free from http://daemon-tools-lite.en.softonic.com/

Solomon said...

Thank you!

Newlyner said...

Many thanks Milos for this great music.

Jazzjet said...

Many thanks.

tpfkaa said...

Thank you Miloš Latislav.