8 September 2015


Don't know from where or from whom I've got this recording - so thanks to the original uploader!

Fred Anderson, tenor saxophone
Kidd Jordan, tenor saxophone
George Lewis, trombone
Bill Brimfeld, trumpet
Douglas Ewart, reeds
Harrison Bankhead, bass
Hamid Drake, drums

01. unknown title 40:02
02. unknown title  5:52

Recorded at the Chicago Jazz Festival on September 4, 1994.


Dark Matter said...

Is it just me, or is there no link? At any rate,
thank you for the thought!

All My Best

Dark Matter

onxidlib said...


Dark Matter said...

Ah, there the link is! Many thanks, onxidlib!


Dark Matter

jeff said...

Many thanks onxidlib.I was at this show. Will be good to hear it after all these years. Fred always had post fest jam sessions at his club. Kidd was always there whether playing in the fest or not. That little stage was always packed with a revolving flow of AACM and festival folks. Good times brother!

-Otto- said...

Glad the link is still active. Thanks for the broadcast capture!