20 May 2015

Brötzmann - Adasiewicz - Noble ~~ live at Martinschlössl, Vienna, 21st December 2014

The Austrian radio station, OE1, broadcast this concert earlier this week, so here it is. Who'd have thought that vibes could have been such a good counterpart to Brötzmann? A really powerful trio, that traverses a broad gamut of colour and emotion;

Peter Brötzmann - reeds
Jason Adasiewicz - vibraphone
Steve Noble - drums & percussion

Martinschlössl, Vienna; 21st December 2014. Broadcast on OE1 on 18th May 2015.

I guess this will be similar to the Oto Roku Mental Shake release, which also has John Edwards on bass, and I'll be ordering that on the strength of this performance.


Tantris said...






tpfkaa said...

Thanks Tantris.

Anonymous said...

I'll check if that "Mental Shake"-record is probably available as a free mp3-download at that website Inconstantsol promotes in the links section!

Seriously: It's a joke writing "support the musicians, buy their releases" etc. under every other i.s. post, and then having a link offering a giant Brotzmann mp3-file set next to it. You guys probably need to get your "guidelines of goodwill towards the musicians" straight, huh?

rev.b said...

Spoken as I'd expect from anon

kingpossum said...

Wow, blessings for the post. The vibes work spectacularly here in counterpoint to the mighty Brotz. What a brilliantly unexpected treat. A real gem, thank you.

Anonymous said...

rev.b, as you're probably aware that link I'm talking about offers a huge part of Brotzmann's official (and still available) discography for free. It's obvious inconstantsol can't control what other people post in their blogs. But by promoting that kind of mp3-collection, the whole "no official stuff here, we support the musicians"-attitude in this place is really loosing substance.

I'm afraid "Spoken as I'd expect from anon" doesn't add anything to the issue I'm addressing.

Tantris said...

Anonymous - I hadn't seen the link to the blog you've mentioned, but I think you're making a reasonable point, and I've therefore removed that link.

-- T

mike said...

Removed the posting of the brotzmann MP3 links from my site, they weren't my uploads please comment on the appropriate site in the future and I will gladly remove any objectionable material. Hard to find these complaints when they are not posted at the offending site

Mea culpa
Mea culpa
Mea maxima culpa

Javier Roz said...

Thanks Tantris! I´m not a Brötzmann fan but I really enjoy this one.

Barp said...

Anonymous above is exactly why I hate the internet.

This blog post is why I love it.

It's terrible conflicting. Thanks!

DRONSZ said...

Could somebody reup this one, please?
I'm a big Steve Noble fan, and also love Brötzmann...