21 May 2015

Abbey Rader - The Thing (I.R.I. 1979)

Abbey Rader probably is not much known but he is still making good music:
an interview here:

another record at IS with him and Marc Levin:

this is is first release as a leader

Abbey Rader - Drums, Percussions
Peter Ponzol -  Lyricon, Soprano, Sopranino, Alto Sax, Flute, Percussions
Bob Lenox - Piano, Micro-moog, Fender Rhodes

A1 - China Center    
A2 - Three Jewels    
A3 - Lisa    
A4 - Funk And Wagonall    
A5 - Duo    
B1 - Four-cast    
B2 - Welfare    
B3 - Metal    

recorded at 'The Studio 28' in New York City, N.Y. in October 1978

I.R.I. - IRI 5005, 1979
Vinyl rip


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