25 February 2015

Peter Brötzmann 3 + 1 in Berlin 1973

Quartier Latin
Berlin, Germany

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1. 10:05
2. 9:09
3. 11:17
4. 15:26
5. 22:28
TT 68:25

We had a request last year for Rhythmbox 1 and 2, live recordings featuring Peter Brötzmann, Fred van Hove, Han Bennink + Alfred Mangelsdorff, recorded and broadcast roughly mid-70s. Searching the archives, I came up with this 68-minute set from Quartier Latin, Berlin on 31 October, 1973 which definitely is live, has all four with Mangelsdorff popping in rougly mid-way through, and as was mentioned in the request, sounds like a professional recording suitable for airplay. Whether it is the one that was requested, I have no idea, but if anything, it's a pretty good substitute.

Having listened through it once, I'm not sure if this is jazz or whether there is anything avantgar(d)ish to it. To these ears, it's primal, pre-civilisational sound-makiing with the pianist trying to inject a bit of civility to the proceedings without really succeeding. So here we have two resident wildmen who could be shamans from an unspecified location in Siberia, trance masters from the Atlas mountains or thereabouts or just frolicking though the wilderness of Schwarzwald, playing what's there (which they eventually did): And there's a lot of homour in this, primal sceams courtesy of Bennink and Mangelsdorff.blending seamlessly into the general mêlée. In other words, whole lotta fun! To be enjoyed without hesitation!


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Outspan No. 1 also features Mangelsdorff. Both are probably more inspired than this 1973-date (which still is a nice addition).

The Knipperzo said...

Very close to my heart on this one! {But that may explain why I have High Blood Pressure...just saw that phopt on "More Nipples" this morning. Thanks Kina!

Eigil said...

Brillant! Thanx a lot - there's always room for more Brötzmann

Fred said...

Never enough ...
Thank you

Tantris said...

Thank you, kinabulu - I like your description of the music & sound.It's carnival (Fasnacht) in Switzerland at the moment, and I can hear (I think) the similarities between the raucous Guggenmusik, and this, and also obviously Albert Ayler.

wightdj said...

Always welcome group of improvisors, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Great music - thanks a lot!