25 February 2015


A1. Dancing Mist
A2. Thanatos

B1. E.J.
B2. Yellow Carcass In The Blue
B3. Puzzle Ring
B4. My Companion

Yoshio Ikeda, bass
Hiroshi Murakami, drums
Motohiko Hino, drums
Hideo Ichikawa, electric piano, organ
Keiji Kishida, percussion
Masabumi Kikuchi, piano, electric piano
Kosuke Mine, alto & soprano saxophone

Recorded at Victor Studio on 2 August (A1), 7 September A2, B1-3 and 9 September 1970

Philips ‎– FX-8506

LP Rip


Nick said...



Anonymous said...

Thanks again Nick. This old man digs stuff from 67-74, or so. Just a certain energy from that time period.

headman said...

Loving these Japanese shares, Nick...thank you.

Simon666 said...


Bring back apollozo said...

It could be because we were exploring the moon then, not our twtr accounts!

Quimsy said...

awesome LP - ta for the upgrade

Nick said...

That's good, Anonymous - I have quite a few more from that era to come

Anonymous said...

That news is music to my ears Nick. Thank you!

Jazzjet said...

Many thanks for this one.

DW said...

Nick, teach, preach! Why was this not reissued? Amazing!?? Thanks. Again!

Nick said...

Some of the Philips got a CD release in the later 00's, but oop again now.

danair said...

Thanks very much Nick another great looking post.