5 January 2015


A. Solo

B. Duo

Nonaka "Goku" Mitsumasa, drums, percussion

Jiro Shoda, piccolo trumpet

Recorded on 1 November 1982 at the Cheshire Cat

M&M Records - LM-1392

LP Rip


Nick said...




onxidlib said...

Trumpet + drums duos are rare and the musicians are unknown to me > wonderful!
Thank you Nick

Nipping the jazz zo in the bud said...

Nick, what did i say a few posts back? The hits just keep coming...
Did you live in Japan and see some of this scene in person? Thanks!

armando said...

Great duo, Nick! Thank you very much.

Vitko said...

Where did you get this incredible vinyl? :) A very unusual combination and very passionate music. Thank you Nick.

Solomon said...

Thank you.

Nick said...

It's good, isn't it?

I have mainly found things through some very helpful connections in Japan, Yahoo.jp auctions and web shops. Plus, quite a bit of time, effort and web translations.

I never heard early Japanese free jazz at the time, only since the age of internet sales and auctions and Youtube (search Sabu Toyozumi - amazing results!).

The first record I ever bought from abroad was in 1977 - Pere Ubu - Street Waves. There was an export list in a small ad in a music paper. I listened to it endlessly.

The big difference from today was that now, I have so much music and there is so much more easily available that it is rare to give things many listens. I can think of a lot of music that has really grown on me with repeated listening, so maybe that is not all a good thing.

corvimax said...

well Nick, your connections and effort payed off, and we all enjoy the fruits.
You are right about the little attention given to many albums, because of the abundance; this is confusing sometimes.
and thanks for this last one

Vitko said...

I have a pretty good material of Japanese free jazz, but you continue surprising me with some your brilliant moves. Let's say for this fantastic album I've never heard of. Thank you Nick once again for all your hard work. It really makes me happy.

Anonymous said...

some good moments in "duo", but i like "solo" much more - this mostly quiet piece is gorgeous! thanks much, Nick!


Bob said...

Another awesome upload, thank you Nick!
I'ma little late though... Is it possible to reupload this one?

onxidlib said...


Bob said...

Thanks a lot for the re-up!
You guys are the best!! :-)