4 January 2015

Mirka Křivánková + Jiří Stivín & Co. Jazz System - Zrcadlení / Reflections (1984)

Another from number of still-not-yet-on-CD Stivín albums. This one is special for his collaboration with singer Mirka Křivánková (now mainly not musically active). Křivánková was singing on live occasions with these musicians, but album story is different. She recorded some solo voice improvisations in studio in 1982. Two years after Jiří Stivín used them as compositional material, adding his instruments and rhythm colleagues. Alan Vitouš is of course brother of famous bassist Miroslav. I don't have this vinyl, recordings comes somehow direcly from Mirka K., so included pics are from discogs.

Mirka Křivánková + Jiří Stivín & Co. Jazz System - Zrcadlení / Reflections (Supraphon 1984)

Jiří Stivín: Odrazy / Reflections

1.    Odrazy hlasů / Reflections of Voices        4:30
2.     Odrazy Obrazů / Reflections of Images        3:55
3.    Odrazy rytmů / Reflections of Rhythm        5:05
4.    Odrazy minulosti / Reflections of the Past    5:10
5.    Odrazy odvazů / Reflections of Actions        3:00

Jiří Stivín: Doteky / Contacts

6.    Minimální doteky / Minimal Contacts        7:30
7.    Mlhavé doteky / Misty Contacts        3:05
8.    Bludné doteky / Erratic Contacts        2:40
9.    Hravé doteky / Playful Contacts        2:35
10.  Žhavé doteky / Ardent Contacts        5:10

Mirka Křivánková – voice
Jiří Stivín – flutes, clarinet, bass clarinet, alto sax, marimba, treating the voice tapes
Ondřej Soukup – double bass, bass guitar
Alan Vitouš – percussion

Recorded 1982 at Czechoslovak Radio Studio A (Křivánková) & 1984 at Mozarteum Studio, Prague (others).

LP Supraphon 1115 3116 


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