1 January 2015

BLUE EFFECT & JOČR :: New Synthesis 2 (1974)

Happy New Year :)

Here is the album I thought some of you like to hear: Rocky fusion of Blue Efect group (named M. Efekt then) cobbled with Czech Radio bigband. I like it constantly. It is currently still available with 9CD box only with complete group's output, so I believe I will make no harm to our mighty Supraphon label. Enjoy.

M. EFEKT & JAZZOVÝ ORCHESTR ČS. ROZHLASU - Nová syntéza 2 (Panton 1974)

1. Nová syntéza 2 / New synthesis 2 (22:05)
2. Je třeba obout boty a pak dlouho jít / One must first put on shoes and then walk for quite a while (9:57)
3. Klíště / The tick (3:25)
4. Jedenáctého října / October 11 (7:29)


- Radim Hladík / electric guitar
- Josef Kůstka / bass, electric violin, vocals (2-4)
- Lešek Semelka / vocals (all)
- Vlado Čech / drums

- Laco Deczi / trumpet solo (1)
- Karel Růžička / organ solo (1)
- Petr Král / tenor saxophone solo (1)
- The Pavel Kühn Choir / chorus (1)

- The Czechoslovak Radio Jazz Orchestra, directed by Kamil Hála

Recorded August 1973 in Prague


miloo2 said...

flac at ulozto.net

Anonymous said...

I was going to purchase the 9-CD box mainly to have this record. Thanks, now I don't have to buy it anymore. Internet piracy rules!

miloo2 said...

Anonymous, box is good to have anyway, if you like what many called progressive rock. Not a really bad album in there.

softnucleus said...

Thank you Miloš!
Buon Anno!
Šťastný Nový Rok!
Srečno novo leto!

Brewing Luminous said...

Can't wait to hear this one!