31 December 2014

Tim Berne Snakeoil; Cormòns, Italy - 26th October 2013

RAI 3 broadcast a great Tim Berne concert last night. Good to have some decent jazz on the radio for once, so here it is.

Best wishes to everyone for 2015!

Tim Berne Snakeoil

Tim Berne - alto saxophone
Oscar Noriega - clarinet, bass clarinet
Matt Mitchell - piano
Ches Smith - drums, percussion, vibraphone
Recorded on 26th October 2013, at the  Teatro Comunale, Cormòns, Gorizia, Italy

Broadcast RAI3 on 30th December 2014


Tantris said...
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softnucleus said...

Just to add that it was the 16th edition of the Festival "Jazz & Wine of Peace"
Happy New Year to all the I.S. wonderful people!
Buon Anno!

john said...

Thank you, great present for New Year's eve. Nice to hear something off the main track. Tim Berne sometimes puts me in mind of Trevor Watts (c late 70's/early 80's vintage), maybe more so on the earlier 'Science Friction' albums. Very engaging music.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, and many thanks for the sounds.

Scraps said...

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francisco santos said...

error (509) !...
WHY ???...
Thanks for trying to share this one.....
good 2015 for you and your close ones.....

Tantris said...

I thought dropbox might be a good way to make these files available, but it looks as if that isn't going to work. I'll work out an alternative later today.

Tantris said...

OK - here are alternative links. I've had to split track 9 (38 minutes) into two, but this is in a quiet section and should make little difference;





Wallofsound said...

Many thanks for the new links.

Scraps said...

Thanks so much, Tantris!

mike said...

suggest mega.nz for larger file types without splits.



bho wani said...

Thank you beaucoup Tantris.

Tantris said...

New links;


bender c said...

Please repost the links...they're all dead. :(