3 November 2014

Glenn Horiuchi - Manzanar Voices (Asian Improv 1989)

Glenn Horiuchi's music is generally political (he was heavily involved in the reparations movement for the Japanese-Americans forced to live in prison camps during World War II.) and hints strongly at the traditional Japanese taiko rhythm yet also has the improvising and excitement of jazz.....
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The title cut reflect Glenn's experiences on community pilgrimages to Manzanar, California - the site of one of the ten concentration camps.
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Glenn Horiuchi - piano
Leon Alexander - drums
M'Chaka Uba - bass on A2 and B1
Taiji Miyagawa - bass on track A1 AND B2

A1 - Blues for John Okada
A2 - Manzanar voices
A3 - Edna's dream
B1 - Stockton calling
B2 - Seeds of resistance
B3 - Lullaby

recorded june 1989 at Fanfare studios, El Cajon, CA
all compositions by Glenn Horiuchu

Asian Improv, AIR-0006, 1989


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