4 November 2014


A1. Augure
A2. Jerkologie

B.  Balada Y Tres

Jeff Sicard, alto & tenor saxophone, flute, bass clarinet
Michel Gladieux, bass
Jacques Mahieux, dums
Patricio Villaroel, piano, electric piano
Gérard Coppéré, soprano & tenor saxophone

Recorded in Paris, July 27, 1970.

Société Française De Productions Phonographiques ‎– SFP - 53.006

LP Rip


Nick said...



Anonymous said...

been looking out for that one.
thanks for sharing

Vitko said...

Thanks Nick, Dharma Quintet albums are a rarity. I extremely appreciate your efforts. Cheers.

alex Insolex said...

great post, great band
thank you Nick -your post is gorgeous as usual
Alex in Solex

onxidlib said...

Thanks, Nick.

corvimax said...

very nice, thank you

Calisan said...

Really grateful for this rarity!
I hope to see soon the marvelous "End Starting" in this quality
Thanks Nick

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick - about your try to reach me regarding the wishlist: I sent you an email (on Oct 18) with my new mail adress (also in my profile), you probably used my old one from Psychic Hut days which is defunct. Greetings, Lucky

Nick said...

Hi Lucky - I am travelling until late November, so I don't have fast internet for now.

bho wani said...

And one more with Jef (one f)!!! Thousands thanks, Nick !

Anonymous said...

Alright, Nick - enjoy your trip!

Solomon said...

Thank you!

Maïorov Simpleton said...

Thanks ! I just discovered Dharma Quintet through their album with Colette Magny ("Visage - Village") and I couldn't wait to hear more of them !

correct silence said...

Both Dharma Quintet and the trio will be reissued on lp in October by the French label "souffle continu" later a cd box set containing the 3 albums will also be published. For those who will be in France on October 19, Dharma Quintet + Cohelmec Ensemble + Workshop de Lyon will play live, the two first bands haven't played together since the early eighties. For those who are far from France I'm currently working with the manager of the show to broadcast the concert on a French radio, more news when I have of course.