2 September 2014

New Age Jazz Chorale - Light (Button-Nose 1976)

New Age Jazz Chorale - Light (Button-Nose 1976)

music Burton Greene, poetry Vincent Gaeta

A - Manifesto For Angels     30:33    
B - Tarot             30:44    

Daoud Amin - Percussion
Ernst Reijseger - Electric Cello
Wally Shortz - Flute, Bass Flute
Gerrit Jan Herring - Flute, Recorder (Tarot)
Charles Green - Trumpet (Manifesto)
Frank Grasso - Trumpet (Tarot)
Sean Bergin - Saxophone (Manifesto)
Harvey Wainapel - Saxophone (Tarot)
Martin Koeman - Violin (Tarot)
Maurice Horsthuis - Viola (Tarot)
Christian Landry - Electric Bass (Tarot)
Burton Greene - Piano, Conductor

Phil and Marga Arosa
Hans Van Winsen (bass)
Andrea Goodzeit (alto) on Tarot
Wilma Bos (alto) on Manifesto
Cornelia Van Der Horst (soprano) on Tarot
Linda Haslach (soprano) on Manifesto

"Manifesto For Angels" recorded June 1976
"Tarot" recorded June 1975

Button-Nose Records  03
Vinyl rip

on vinyl the tracks are actualy split, and has been digitalised so


corvimax said...
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SOTISE said...

thanks ,Corvimax!... i have quite a few B.Greene Lps ... but i've never even heard of this... looking forward to it!

Solomon said...

Thank you!

rev.b said...

Doesn't look like this would be my cuppa tea, but considering where it's posted it and that BG's involved, it would be in my interest to have a listen. Thank you for the opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing this. Interested to hear anything w/Reijseger & Bergin. Cheers, MB

nick said...

this is a nice listen. I'm kinda surprised I'd never heard of this through the "spiritual jazz" network, but the groove and those vocals definitely put in that camp, imho. thank you for this!

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corvimax said...

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