28 August 2014


KENNY WHEELER - trumpet, flugelhorn
STAN SULZMANN - alto sax, flute

1 (01:05) Radio announcement
2 (11:30) Kind Folk
3 (12:27) Jigsaw
4 (11:15) One Two Three
5 (12:02) unknown

"Clusone Jazz", Italy, July 25, 2004. RAI 3 broadcast

Thanks to original uploader on DIME.


miloo2 said...

280 mb of flac at ulozto.net

wightdj said...

Cool, thanks.

JD said...

Nuff thanks, not heard this concert before..

rev.b said...

I've tried twice. I end up with a 291.8 MB file that I can't open. " files can not be loaded(They are not valid media files or their formats are not supported):"

: - /

kinabalu said...

Works without a hitch on this box. Running Win Zip 15.5 Pro under Windows 7 operating system. Playing it as I write.

BTW, you can't play a 7z file, gotta unpack it first, then play the flac file format files afterwards. I thought that was commmon knowledge.

rev.b said...

Hmm.. If it's working there it must be an issue on this end. I'm on a macbook running OS X.8.3 using Safari. Think next time I'll try using Crome and see if that makes a difference. What came through the two times I tried was not in 7z format. It's a document of some type. @ 291.8 MB something sure is screwy. I'll keep trying. Given what it is, it'll certainly be worth the effort.

kinabalu said...

There is a Mac version of Winzip as well which might be worth trying out.


On the same page there is a link to 7zx in the right-hand column which looks like a better tool, but might be lees easy to operate. I have a Mac running OSX, but don't usually use it for this blog business, but if you're still stuck, I could give it a try.

miloo2 said...

Thanks for effort, Kinabalu. I have to add that files at ulozto shows a little bigger than they really are. I am using 7-zip freeware for paking and unpacking, I can really recommend this simple tool - it has all needed in right-hand column menu if you click the file. Not sure, if it works with Mac.

Anonymous said...

Please re-upload! Thanks for all the wonderful music on this blog!

Miloš Latislav said...

Ulozto link is still active - click Slow download there, please.