4 May 2014


Sabir Mateen, alto & tenor saxophone, flute, clarinet, voice
Daniel Carter, alto & tenor saxophone, flute, trumpet, voice
Matthew Heyner, bass
Tom Bruno, drums

1. First Peace That Ever Was, Is, To Be 27:05
2. Dis-Astor Place 14:39
3. A Journey Into The Love, Light And Power Of The Creator - Part 1 24:02

Record at Second Home, NYC, September 29, 1996.



onxidlib said...


Anonymous said...

been curious about this band for a long time. heard their woodshed was the new york subway system. saw sabir with voigt & cook once in a williamstown college bar. brought the house down, but i wonder how many noticed... he he

wightdj said...

Cool, thanks.

bl said...

I remember seeing them play in Grand Central Subway station sometime in the 90s, like playing in the center of the world!
Tom Bruno doing it all on a minimal trap kit, snare, hi-hat and bass drum!

santos curser said...

muchos gracias compadre

chrisc said...

I already have their s/t for Aum Fidelity so this will be a great addition. Thank you Onxidlib.

unitstructure said...

this was a strong group.I had the opportunity to see them live once and it was onederful.

Wallofsound said...


Anonymous said...

'Getting Away with Murder' on Emerite is Tom Bruno and Sabir Mateen playing in Grand Central Station. There were three Test CD's: This one, another also titled 'Test' om AUM and 'Live/Test' on Emerite.