4 May 2014


JR1. Bedroom Music 1
JR2. Bedroom Music 2 - A, B

John Russell, guitar

Recorded in Ruckinge, Kent on 17 December 1978.

RC1. Fret Buzz
RC2. Breaking Through
RC3. Nose Trouble
RC4. High Notes
RC5. One-Man-Band

Richard Coldman, 6 string and 12 string amplified acoustic guitar, metal items, foam, Barry Leigh's motorised bow

Recorded at Riverside Studios, London on 11 April 1979

Incus Records ‎– 31

Vinyl Rip


Nick said...




martin said...

Thank you, thank you Nick, I have been looking for more solo John Russell for some while . . . and I look forward to discovering Mr Coldman.

Andy said...

Thanks a lot Nick. I love that picture of John with his gran.

wightdj said...

Nice one, I've not heard Coldman before, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Nick, first of all i want to note that i'm extremely grateful to you for Togashi's stuff and many other marvelous records you have shared recently, grabbed them all, i'll devote a lot of time in the near future for listening to them! there was a lot of trouble in my country (Ukraine) lately, so not often it pulls me out to listen to music and stuff like that, but i just can't stay away at a time when so many interesting things going on here! and yeah, thanks much for John Russell! best regards!


lee said...

Nick, much thanks. This is a very welcome addition to my library, indeed.

Colin Green said...

Thanks very much.

lee said...

Amazing that this seems to be Richard Coldman's one and only album. A random search of his name brought up not much information. Anybody know the history of this recording, how he got hooked up with Russell?

Wallofsound said...

My education continues. Thank you.

Solomon said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Deleted file. Can this be re-upped?

Anonymous said...

All links seem to have expired--any possiblity of a re-up, please? Many thanks!