27 May 2014


Paul Dunmall, tenor and soprano saxophones
Tony Marsh, drums
Philip Gibbs, electric and acoustic guitars

1. It escapes me  13:14
2. Thousands on a raft  21:26
3. Zachary problem  4:59
4. Never mind what they say  8:49
5. Two people, one oxen  11:41
6. Spirit boy  6:37

Recorded: 4 July 2000 at Bath College
Engineer: Paul Morris
Mastering: Marco Anderson
Painting: Tony Marsh



Andy said...


slovenlyeric said...

Thanks for posting more of of Dunmall's work. I assume he is on board with this. I have a bunch of the DUNS but far from all of them, so this is a help as I think these are gone. I think The Downtown Music Gallery still has some if people are looking for a physical copy of some of these. I think they have about 20 or so of the titles at least.

Nick said...

Thanks so much, Andy and Paul. I missed quite a few of these, so good to have a second chance.

wightdj said...

Cool, thanks.

Andy said...

@slovenlyeric. Thanks. You've got me wondering now that I've understood Paul correctly. Good point about the DMG stock. I will double check with him ASAP.

chrisc said...

Thank you very,very much Andy for all three DUNS records. You've definitely made my day. And of course thanks and gratitude to mr. Paul Dunmall for his generosity. I sure do hope there will be more in the future.

Andy said...

All is cool. Paul Dunmall IS THE MAN. Lots more to come folks!

jazzuk said...

Cool is great! Big thanks to Paul and to Andy for the dedication.

Mark Hanslip said...

This is a corker, thanks for sharing Andy. Hope all well, Mark