28 May 2014


Paul Dunmall, tenor saxophone
John Adams, guitar
Oren Marshall, tuba
Mark Sanders, drums
Steve Noble, drums

1. Zap II (part one)  45:07
2. Zap II (part two)  28:51

Live at the Vortex, London.  20 April 1997
Recording: Andy Isham
Mastering: Marco Anderson
Painting: Dorothy Dunmall (Paul's mum)


Andy said...


slovenlyeric said...

I don't think you have to worry about the early ones, I think they are mostly sold out. I know Downtown Music Gallery does not have those in stock. I think they have a number of the more recent ones and mostly only a copy or two.

People who come to this site should look to DMG. They are one of only a couple of shops that really sell the music we love. They obsessively catalog every release they can find of Creative Music often with lengthy reviews for recordings nobody else is reviewing.

They sold 50 of the 100 copies of the FMR Dunmall Box (Including my copy) and they are really dedicated to his work. I have been to Dunmall shows with Bruce Gallanter who runs DMG and I think he put on at least two shows with him in the store and at a venue he selected. The latter became a clean feed recording.

SOTISE said...

lovely thank you,what a great band!!

TroubledSleeperhold said...

DMG is okay, but I've reached a point where I prefer to give my money to the artists and labels as directly as possible. The last few times I visited DMG's store, the attitude was really gloomy and I felt like the clerk wanted me to leave. I bought my Dunmall box directly from FMR and almost all of my old DUNS directly from Paul or Philip Gibbs (whoever was distributing from mindyourownmusic.co.uk

Nick said...

I've always found the DMG guys helpful and even copped some free rarities from them. I guess if you are selling music most days a week, anyone can have an off day.

kinabalu said...

I have to say that I find the DMG guys amiable. I've been there three times, first at the old shop on the Bowery and then at the new location in Chinatown. The latter is hard to find and it definitely helps to know the exact address. Well, Mr. Gallanter did discreetly ask us to leave, which was understandable given that it was one hour past closing time. The guy wanted to get home, who can blame him, probably didn't live in the neighboorhood either.