7 February 2014


A1. Down South
A2. Ikaya
A3. Deep Down Feeling
A4. Schooldays

B1. Opportunities
B2. Flame Tree
B3. Mofolo

Harry Miller, bass
Mark Charig, cornet,trumpet
Han Bennink, drums
Sean Bergin, soprano, alto and tenor saxophone
Wolter Wierbos, trombone

Recorded 3 March 1983 in Vara Studio 3

VARAJAZZ ‎– 4213

Vinyl Rip


Nick said...




Jazzjet said...

Lovely stuff. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks! Only had a low mp3 rip of this.

-Otto- said...

Three of the five musicians are new to me. Eager to listen to this record. Thanks, Nick!

Anonymous said...


agmosk said...

Thanks, Nick! Great quintet!

kinabalu said...

Thanks for this - I have it as part of the Harry Miller Collection - a cd box on Ogun - long out of print - unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Charig is aiming an adeptly pitched rasberry into what appears to be an E-flat tenor horn on the cover pic, and indeed there he is on 'Opportunities' and 'Flame Tree'.

Thanks Nick!

Solomon said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

also came to this by way of the ogun box. it's miller's last recording. i believe he drove away from it and crashed and never got up again. bennink in for moholo, oddly, but he totally nails it. nailed me, too. between this and the schweizer duet I was sold for life on this guy who was previously too much of a shambles for my taste! i wonder if moholo wished he could've been there, and for more than musical reasons... such is life. if you like the breuker kollektief but with a twist of south african, do treasure this. one of the swingingest sets i ever did come cross!

Bill said...

Thanks for this gem, Nick.

unitstructure said...

Sturdy melodies,great stuff,thanks.