23 January 2014


Something else old from Canada, for a new audience

A2. Brique À Braque
A3. Elle Avait Un Joli Chapeau
A4. Klaude Marsolais

B1. Faux Coffre
B2. Chère Sonia... Quand L'Oiseau Décide De Vaiser, L'Esprit Lui Vient Mordant Désir Et... Veut Se Promener Dans La Peur D'Avancer Comme Tout Le Monde
B3. Rictus
B4. Dans Les Hauteurs, Je Sens Ton Ventre En Balancigne
B5. Tou-Chan Du PiaonaiP

Pierre Saint-Jacques, piano

Recorded in Montreal.

Private label ‎– ST-J 8888

Vinyl Rip


sandor essedy said...

I don't know, so I try; thanks.

sotise said...

never even heard of st Jak, thank you!

Anonymous said...

lovely stuff! thanks much, Nick!


correct silence said...

He was the pianist of Nébu, I love Nébu so I would be interested for a re-up if possible? Thank in advance Nick

Nick said...



correct silence said...

Really great album in the same mood as Nébu. Thank you Nick for the re-post. Can you suggest some more recent works of this collective? It seems that St Jak doesn't record anymore but Jean Derome and René Lucier are still active. I feel that they work in a different way now. Do you know for exemple "Fin du Travail" by René Lucier, in this album there are several members of Nébu including St Jak, Mathieu Léger and Jean Derome?

Nick said...

I don't have Fin Du Travail. Lussier and Derome have been very productive for a long time in many collaborations, and most of the Ambiances Magnetique releases are kept active, but I haven't kept up with much of it.

francisco santos said...


correct silence said...

Thank you Nick I have the feeling that their more recent music is less distinctive but I will try "fin du travail" because it have been recorded in 1983, closer to Nébu and Oeuvralgique. Oeuvralgique is really great, between jazz, introspective and contemporary, thank again. Hope you will post soon another pianist in a very different way: Siegfried Kessler solaire.