21 January 2014


A. Your First Bicycle

B. Fool Moon

Al Mattes, bass, guitar, theremin, euphonium
Larry Dubin, drums
Peter Anson, guitar
Casey Sokol, piano, trumpet
Bill Smith, soprano saxophone
Nobuo Kubota, soprano, alto and baritone saxophone
Graham Coughtry, trombone
Michael Snow, trumpet

Music Gallery Editions ‎– CCMC-1002

The Canadian Creative Music Collective, recorded live at the Music Gallery, Toronto

Vinyl Rip


wightdj said...

Nice upgrade, thanks.

Scraps said...

It's weird, but when I attempt to download from Rapidshare today, every time I get a page that says, "Welcome to nginx!". And that's it, nothing else.

(I'm leaving this comment on this page because it's recent. I've downloaded from Gamefront just fine. I dislike Rapidshare, and I only use it when it's the only download available, like inconstant sol downloads from a year ago, for example. But the problem exists all over Rapidshare downloads, at least for me.)

Anonymous said...

Rapidshare seems to be back, finally. "Nginx" is a web proxy server, I'd guess they had a pretty serious failure on their outer perimeter and had to reinstall the server for scratch.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I should have said, as well, thank you for filling this long-glaring hole in my CCMC lineup!

akaboshi14 said...

Could you repost this, please? 2 & 3 are great!

Anonymous said...

joining voices for a re-up on this one please

Nick said...


akaboshi14 said...


Nick said...



Bhowani said...

Many thanks for the re-up, Nick! (AD still works)