26 January 2014


JOACHIM KUHN, piano, alto sax (4)
PETER WARREN, bass, cello (3)
PIERRE FAVRE, percussion, saw (3)

1. Interchange  5:15
2. Traffic Madness  2:52
3. Cello Fane  5:53
4. Jolly Green Giant  7:12
5. One Foot Shuffle  7:50
6. Solo For Arlene  3:30
7. Sad Ballad  7:40

Rec. December 1971.  Crystal 066 CRY 46 294.  LP

A bit crackly I'm afraid.


Andy said...


wightdj said...

Cool, thanks.

sotise said...

Beautiful Record, thanks!

kinabalu said...

Thanks. I have this one and possibly in a better condition. I'll listen to this rip and then decide whether I should do my own.

-Otto- said...

Thanks, Andy. I wonder if this wasn't an MPS LP before it was reissued on "Crystal"

onxidlib said...

Yes -Otto- you are right - the first release was as MPS Records ‎– 21 21328-5.
Crystal was a budget/reissue label.
First time I saw it was when I bought " Requiem For Che Guevara / Psalmus Spei " with Fred van Hove and Wolfgang Dauner (a split LP).

Ictus75 said...

Now this is a rare find! Thanks so much for sharing!

Fredzo said...

Onx, the VanHove/Dauner album you mentioned BADLY needs reissue!!!

Anonymous said...

ny possibility to upload lossless " Requiem For Che Guevara / Psalmus Spei " with Fred van Hove and Wolfgang Dauner.
I listen to this from a tranfered cdr from a scratchy disc
it;s third time that i meet a scratchy Lp of this album.
im wondering all existing pieces are damaged??
Thanks a lot
Alex in Solex

onxidlib said...

I will do a post of " Requiem For Che Guevara / Psalmus Spei " soon.
My LP is near mint (in fact new) when I bought it.

Anonymous said...

thanks in advance
Alex in Solex

maximumbreak said...

any chance to reup this classic? Thanks in advance!

Bhowani said...

Yes, I second max! It would be great !

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Hi Bhowani - this LP is available as official download.