25 January 2014


Here we have another installment of the Baden Baden Free Jazz Meetings.
This post of the concerts/rehearsals is not complete.
Several titles were released and are still available and therefore not included here.
You can find the missing titles: "Every Single One of Us is a Pearl," "Ruby, My Dear," and "Kunstmusik II" on Pearls (FMP 0380)  at destination-out.
 "Marañao," "Composition 23B," Jahrmarkt," "Hannebüchen." and "The Forge" on Baden-Baden '75 (FMP CD 137). The CD is to my knowledge still in print although harder to obtain. Try it here f.e.

I'm indebted to Peter Losin for his detailed information regarding line-up and titles - I took the freedom to duplicate it here with some minor changes. (Miles Ahead)

Kenny Wheeler, trumpet
Manfred Schoof, trumpet
Enrico Rava, trumpet
Günter Christmann, trombone, alphorn
Paul Rutherford, trombone
Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone
Evan Parker, soprano & tenor saxophone
Peter Brötzmann, tenor saxophone, bass saxophone, clarinet
Anthony Braxton, alto saxophone
Gerd Dudek, soprano & tenor saxophone
Rüdiger Carl, alto & tenor saxophone, clarinet
Michel Pilz, bass clarinet
Alexander Von Schlippenbach, piano, accordion
Peter Kowald, bass, tuba, vocals, conductor
J.B. "Buschi" Niebergall, bass
Paul Lovens, drums, percussion, saw
Achim Hebgen, announcer

Disc 1
1 Introduction (Achim Hebgen) 4:34

2 Every Single One of Us is a Pearl (E. Parker) 26:01
 Duos (L/R): Parker/Kowald; Christmann/Carl; Mangelsdorff/Pilz; Niebergall/Rava; Schlippenbach/Lovens; Rutherford/Lovens/Kowald/Braxton; Wheeler/Dudek; Brötzmann

3 Introduction (Achim Hebgen) 2:00

4 A Capella Breath (M. Schoof) 4:27
 Rava (L), Schoof (center), Wheeler (R)

5 Introduction (Achim Hebgen) 2:19

6 From E-Flat On (M. Schoof) 7:38
 The Globe Unity 11: Wheeler, Schoof, Rava, Rutherford, Mangelsdorff, Christmann, Kowald (tuba), Parker, Dudek, Braxton, Pilz

7 Introduction (Achim Hebgen) 0:15

8 Ostinato (M. Schoof) 7:26
 Solos: Pilz, Dudek (ss)

9 Introduction (Achim Hebgen) 0:42

10 Night Heron (A. Mangelsdorff) 3:07
 Wheeler, Rava, Mangelsdorff, Parker, Braxton

11 Introduction (Achim Hebgen) 1:34

12 Brief Inventions (A. Mangelsforff-E. Rava) 4:01
 Rava, Mangelsdorff

13 Introduction (Achim Hebgen) 1:29

14 Marañao (E. Rava) 10:17
 Solos: Schlippenbach (p); Braxton (as); Schoof (tpt)

15 Announcement (Achim Hebgen) 0:59

Disc 2
1 Introduction (Achim Hebgen) 0:55

2 Man-Brax (M. Schoof-A. Braxton) 4:16
 Schoof, Braxton

3 Introduction (Achim Hebgen) 0:47

4 Ruby, My Dear (T. Monk) (arr. Schlippenbach) 4:47
 Solo: Braxton

5 Introduction (Achim Hebgen) 1:49

6 Composition 23B (A. Braxton) 18:05
 Solos: Schlippenbach, Lovens, Rava, Carl (as), Schoof, Brötzmann (bss)

7 Introduction (Achim Hebgen) 0:52

8 How It Base (A. Braxton-E. Parker) 4:16
 Braxton, Parker

9 Chris-Brax (A. Braxton-G. Christmann) 2:40
 Braxton, Christmann

10 Introduction (Achim Hebgen) 2:36

11 Ten Beats (G. Christmann) 2:50
 The Globe Unity 11: Wheeler, Schoof, Rava, Rutherford, Mangelsdorff, Christmann, Kowald (tuba), Parker, Dudek, Braxton, Pilz

12 Introduction (Achim Hebgen) 0:21

13 Pardon Mein Kopf (R. Rutherford) 3:04
 Rutherford solo

14 Introduction (Achim Hebgen) 1:46

15 Hip Hymn No. 2 (P. Rutherford) 19:34
 Duos: Christmann/Brötzmann, Kowald (L)/Niebergall (R), Dudek/Mangelsdorff, Braxton/Pilz, Carl/Parker, Rava (L)/Wheeler (R), Christmann/Brötzmann

16 Announcement (Achim Hebgen) 0:10

17 Kunstmusik II (A. von Schlippenbach) 10:19

Disc 3
1 A Simple Waltz (K. Wheeler) 9:55
 Trios: Mangelsdorff/Pilz/Niebergall, Lovens/Pilz/Kowald (tuba); Solos: Schoof, Carl (as), Rutherford

2 Introduction (Achim Hebgen) 1:20

3 Billiger Willi (M. Pilz-P. Kowald) 2:03
 Pilz, Kowald

4 Un Peu d'Ail (M. Pilz-P. Kowald) 3:09
 Pilz, Kowald

5 Introduction (Achim Hebgen) 0:41

6 Jetzt Wird Abgerechnet (Globe Unity 11) 3:21
 The Globe Unity 11: Wheeler, Schoof, Rava, Rutherford, Mangelsdorff, Christmann, Kowald (tuba), Parker, Dudek, Braxton, Pilz

7 Announcement (Achim Hebgen) 1:00

8 Introduction (Achim Hebgen) 3:13

9 Zahltag (Globe Unity 11) 7:25
 The Globe Unity 11: Wheeler, Schoof, Rava, Rutherford, Mangelsdorff, Christmann, Kowald (tuba), Parker, Dudek, Braxton, Pilz

10 Introduction (Achim Hebgen) 2:10

11 Jahrmarkt I (P. Kowald) 5:46
 Solo: Christmann

12 Jahrmarkt II (P. Kowald) 7:32
 Solos: Parker (ss), Pilz, Brötzmann (cl); Lovens (säge)

13 Jahrmarkt III (P. Kowald) 9:49
 Solos: Schlippenbach (acc), Braxton, Rutherford/Mangelsdorff

14 Introduction (Achim Hebgen) 1:03

15 The Forge (A. von Schlippenbach) 8:36
 Solos: Parker (ss); Wheeler (tpt); Schlippenbach

16 Introduction (Achim Hebgen) 1:44

17 Hanebüchen (improvisation) 6:13
 Solos: Dudek (ts), Rava

18 Announcement (Achim Hebgen) 0:15

Disc 4
1 Introduction (Achim Hebgen) 2:05

2 Mainz Bleibt Mainz (P. Lovens) 6:55
 Solos: Rutherford (tb); Schlippenbach (p); Brötzmann (ts)

3 Introduction (Achim Hebgen) 0:27

4 Composition 23B (A. Braxton) 17:30
 Solos: Schlippenbach (p); Lovens (d); Rava (tpt); Carl (ts); Schoof (tpt); Brötzmann (bss)

5 Introduction (Achim Hebgen) 0:25

6 Hip Hymn No. 2 (P. Rutherford) 20:58
 synth on tape

7 The Forge (A. von Schlippenbach) 8:11
 Solos: Parker (ss); Wheeler (tpt); Niebergall (b)

8 Announcement (Achim Hebgen) 0:32

Disc 5
1 Introduction (Achim Hebgen) 1:03

2 Marañao (E. Rava) 12:35
 Solos: Schlippenbach (p); Braxton (as); Schoof (tpt)

3 Introduction (Achim Hebgen) 0:54

4 Every Single One Of Us Is A Pearl (E. Parker) 26:45
 Solos: Parker/Kowald; Christmann/Carl; Mangelsdorff/Pilz; Niebergall/Rava; Lovens/Schlippenbach; Schoof/Braxton/Rutherford; Wheeler/Dudek; Brötzmann

5 Introduction (Achim Hebgen) 0:12

6 Ruby, My Dear (T. Monk) (arr. Schlippenbach) 4:50
 Solo: Braxton

7 Introduction (Achim Hebgen) 0:27

8 Machine Gun (P. Brötzmann) 12:00

9 Closing announcement (Achim Hebgen) 0:19


Some of the music from the Workshop portion of this set (discs 1-3) has been issued commercially: "Every Single One of Us is a Pearl," "Ruby, My Dear," and "Kunstmusik II" on Pearls (FMP 0380), and "Jahrmarkt" on Jahrmarkt/Local Fair (Po Torch PTR/JWD 2). These titles were recorded November 25-27 at the Südwestfunk Studios in Baden-Baden during the New Jazz Meeting dedicated to "Ten Years Globe Unity Orchestra."

For Part 2 of Kowald's "Jahrmarkt," the group is divided into six small groups throughout in the studio. From left to right in this recording:

Kowald (tuba), Schlippenbach (acc), Brötzmann (cl)
Parker (ss), Wheeler, Rutherford
Christmann, Niebergall, Lovens
Mangelsdorff, Dudek (ts)
Rava, Carl (ts), Pilz

The issued version of "Jahrmarkt" is presented as a single performance but in fact -- because of the logistics of arranging musicians in groups around the studio -- it was recorded in three pieces.

Rutherford's "Hip Hymn No. 2" also involved complicated logistics. The musicians are arranged in four groups from left to right:

Braxton, Dudek, Parker, and Wheeler
Christmann and Brötzmann
Schlippenbach, Kowald, Niebergall, and Lovens
Rava, Carl, Pilz, and Mangelsdorff

In addition, Rutherford prepared a tape of the synthesizer part, and the group played on top of it.

Discs 4-5 were recorded during a public performance on November 28 at Kurfürstliches Schloss in Mainz.


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