14 January 2014

Joachim Kuhn-the sound of feelings 1969

For J and Onxi
Trane's spirit hovers gently over this neglected BYG gem, which to my ears is a companion piece to the Outrageously campily eclectic monster psychedellica of  dear professor Leary..

the chemistry's so good , Kuhn , Jenny- Clarke and Romano , seemed to have forged a lasting musical friendship  , resulting in many further collaborations over the years...
Kuhn is still recording prolifically ..take a look

J, sorry we cant help with "Paris is beautiful" i don't think any of us has heard it, and certainly should any of our readers want to share a nice raw syrup free, vinyl rip , we would all be most appreciative ..

. our belief is that the BYG catalog, ought by now to be firmly in the Public Domain given that so few of the artists actually saw a dime from recordings which have by and  large been circulating in so many dubious semi legitimate issues over the decades ..

Bass, Flute, Bells –Jean Francois Jenny-Clarke
Drums, Flute, Tambourine, Bells –Aldo Romano
Piano, Saxophone [Alto], Shenai, Flute, Tambourine, Bells –Joachim Kuhn
Recorded  in Hamburg ,25th of January 1969


SOTISE said...


Clifford Allen said...

Nice record, of a piece with the excellent Bold Music on MPS and Portal's Our Meanings & Our Feelings on Pathé. You are right that the follow-up, Paris is Wonderful, is a bit more of a "corker."

onxidlib said...

Thank you - I wanted to hear this since I've read Ekkehard Jost's "Europa's Jazz 1960 - 80".
Now after 27 years I will do so - wonderful!

SOTISE said...

Onxi, yr welcome!

Anonymous said...

Another Kuhn album I've not before encountered. Many thanks.


Anonymous said...

Any possibility for uploading
-if it's in your plan_

Claude Delcloo, Arthur Jones ‎– Africanasia
Michel Puig - René Leïbowitz* Stigmates
Acting Trio ‎– Acting Trio
Steve Lacy Quintet ‎– Esteem: Live In Paris, 1975 (is it out of print??)
Jacques Coursil Unit ‎– Way Head
Dave Burrell ‎– Echo
Thanks in advance
Alex in Solex

SOTISE said...

Alex i don't have a plan... i'm not really a label kind of guy, i have owned Stigmates, and the Acting trio...but gave them away , because i didn't think they were that good...that was 25 years ago , i may not have the same opinion...

acting trio compared to SME, AMM, MEV,is pretty mediocre ..i stand by that opinion...
all the others have been around the blogs including here!

SOTISE said...

i should have added those were the days when you could give records you didn't like.. away.. i bought scratchy , messed up copies of stigmates, and Acting trio , they were a buck each

funksta said...

Please reup. Thanks for all the incredible posts!