10 January 2014

Arthur Blythe-The Grip & Metamorphosis-1977

A little request fulfillment,2 monster live sets by one of the great bands of its day, 
These are among my favorite jazz records period!!!
. To my knowledge, both were also issued in Japan by Paddle Wheel , and once on CD combined  in the early 90's..

The Band has a very distinct unique sound, with Bob Stewart and Abdul Wadud  given plenty of space , all the instruments more or less have an equal weight.
in the ensemble passages, there's a lot here that is delightfully  reminiscent of earlier free wheeling New Orleans , collective playing....

Beautiful Stuff .
and btw,Blythe hasn't been well the last couple of years, and you can help him by buying some of his available cds from reputable sources, such as the labels Cadence..Enja or in an out .

for Info Click on the back Covers or go Here and Here



SOTISE said...

Both Albums in one split archive
(you need both to unpack)
raw vinyl rips , no processing beyond Volume adjustment and very light de click...


SOTISE said...

some indispensable Blyhe albums that are still in print
Lennox Ave Breakdown-1979 cbs
Pale Fire, Enja 1988
Todays Blues with David Eyges, 1998 CIMP.

martin said...

Thank you Sotise, and a happy new year to you.

Anonymous said...

Indispensable indeed!!! Two great albums, from one great artist, at a great time in his career. Many, many thanks for these, Sotise :)

Also, I’ve been looking for a very long time for a recording of the NPR broadcast of Blythe at the Public Theatre, NYC on 05/04/79. Anyone out there able to offer this?

Andy said...

Public Theatre. zippy.

paul said...

Thank you Sotise.

fent99 said...

Anyone help with a rip of Blythe Spirit, A friend's been talking about it and think its the only Columbia I've not heard?

ooftü said...

I just found an nm copy of Metamorphosis on ebay with 5 minutes left in the auction, and because I saw that you had such praise for it, I dropped 40 bones on impulse and won!
I think I'll wait for the LP for a proper listen, but thanks for the upload ;)


SOTISE said...

Happy new year Martin.

Fent 99
Its not one of his best records, Marred by the sound 'design' imposed by suits at CBS.. Despite some great music , and a stellar line up... its my least favourite Blyhe Album, one of his weakest!... you can probably buy it at discogs for a couple of bucks!

apf said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Andy, for the link to Blythe 05/04/79, but I should have mentioned that it was Lossless that I was seeking. 'Tis easy to find such mp3 versions but the music doesn't deserve that kind of downgrade. Many thanks, nevertheless.

Fourcade said...

Thank you so much! Was looking for some good stuff from Blythe from that period, and here you're sharing it! Cheers Daniel, from Spain.

Lee said...

A great excuse to do a bit of deep listening to Blythe, who I've somehow never listened to enough. Thanks, Sotsie!

taro nombei said...

Thanks so much for these upgrades Sotise.
All the best!

asjchrlpa mc said...

this is incredible, thanks!!